1968 Fish 360 4 speed

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  • 20180114_125608.jpg 20180513_091516.jpg 20180513_095228.jpg 20180513_095754.jpg 20180513_105826.jpg 20180513_111649.jpg Snapchat-817908936.jpg Snapchat-1595290888.jpg 20180520_152506.jpg Car is from Utah original owner purchased 68 Barracuda 4 speed with a 318 8.75 and three point seat belt option. The original owner who was a women pulled out the 318 stuck a 440 in it open fenderwall headers. She dragged raced it, until she sold it in the mid 1980s. The second owner who I am friends with purchased it when he was 16. The barracuda had no motor. The second owner stuck a 392 hemi in it and raced it in the 1980s to 1990s daily driving to college. Car sat for many years until in the last ten years owner converted to a big bolt k frame sway bars and disc brakes welded back the fender walls. Stuck a 273 in it. He was very unsatisfied by its performance and just let it set for years to come. Until I went to by a rearend off Craigslist and met the guy, soon we became friends I always said I wanted the car but years went by and finally it all worked and here she is. We got the car running with the 273 and took it to get registered the firs time in over 25 years. We had a 360 we built for a b body , but we sold it so now we installed it into the fish.
  • Vehicle:
    1968 Plymouth Barracuda
    Factory 318 4 speed
    Street Radials
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  1. Slantsix64
    Here's a video of the motor running.
  2. joseph schrom
    very nice car
  3. Slantsix64
    273 motor before being pulled.
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