1970 Dodge Dart GT

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  • 1969 was not the last year for the GT.
    In 1970, Dart Customs with the "A65" code could be had with a GT trim package. The build date for my car was Friday August 15th, 1969. What else was going on that same day? Well, you might recall a little thing called Woodstock. Anyway, only 903 Dart GT's were produced for the '70 model year and even fewer still in FK5 Burnt Orange Metallic. Love that color!

    This car was sitting in a barn in Vale, Oregon for 20 years with only 86K original miles on the 318. The mice, wasps, and spiders had nested in every square inch of the car and totally ruined everything. It took my wife and I an entire year just to clean/disinfect everything.
    We stripped the car down to bare metal everywhere, and scrubbed it with Clorox/Lysol to get the funky rodent smells out.

    With the car stripped down, we could start freshening/restoring everything inside and out. Four years later, we are getting close to being finished. But as they say..."they're never finished."

    Update: Since I assumed that the motor had most likely been replaced at some point over the past 40 years, I never bothered to look. (that's what I get for thinking) Well guess what I found? To my surprise and delight, I discovered that it is the original numbers matching drive-train. Sweet! Oh, and I have both of the build sheets. (in excellent condition)
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  1. Dartn440
    Love it and love the color. Great job!
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  2. txstang84
    Awesome Dart
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  3. lordoffrisco
    Best Dart-year and you have a real cool Dart! I really like the color. Greetings from Austria
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  4. blewbyoutobad
    Love the color and the car. Excellent job. Good decision to keep the 318. Most people including me would have chunked it for something bigger. Fantastic looking car.
  5. DusterKrazy
    Nice!!!!!!...318 car??
  6. newby
    Hope you know a good chiropractor,alot of people going to have neck problems trying to get a look as that one goes buy.
  7. sassygrnduster
    i love that color, want to aint mine that, what color and color code?
  8. richard b.
    Great Looking Dart GT
  9. Venumb
    Great looking GT! Same year as my GT too. I can only hope mine turns out 1/2 as nice as yours when I restore it. Mine is a 3spd floor shift, 318.
  10. Burntorange70