/6 to 440 RB in my 70 Dart

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  • 20170420_183559.png Screenshot_20170420-192003.jpg

    20170417_180804.jpg 20170417_180756.jpg Today 4/10/17 went pretty smooth using Michael Schumacher's creative services engine conversion kit..
    Definitely worth every dollar for the convenience and high quality. I highly recommend them as he has clearly got his setup perfectly engineered and simplified.

    I purchased the /6 to RB engine mounts, Ceramic coated headers and torque strap. They made it easy... I got the 440 motor completely installed in about 2 hours flat including both exhaust headers

    20170409_135705.jpg 20170409_141005.jpg 20170409_141018.jpg 20170409_170818.jpg 20170409_192331.jpg 20170409_192418.jpg 20170409_192437.jpg
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    70 Dart swinger 440

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  1. clementine
    Looks good! Did you use a manual? If so, did you use a hydraulic clutch? What kind and where did you get it? Bitchin car man!
  2. engine-swaps.com
    Congratulations on a job well done. Looks great and thanks for the kind words. No, we didn't pay him to use my name. And yes, my name is Michael Schumacher!

    I would love to add these photos to our web site! Thanks again.


    Schumacher Creative Services
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    1. 440DART1970
      Michael, Please by all means you have my permission to use all of my pictures..I have plenty more to show you including cutting out the K frame oil pump and mounting the torque strap.
      After following all of your instructions...the headers were installed in about 15 minutes.
      Thank you again!!

      THINK BIG!!
      Joe V
      440DART1970, Apr 11, 2017
    2. thepaintguy
      Fastest, most cost effective, and hassle free way to stuff a Wedge into the A Body. I used the same setup in my '67 Dart GT with no regrets. After that I used most of US Car Tool components to handle the torsional stress of a Big Block.
      Chassis has nearly everything Hotchkis produces for the A Body. I'm running a slightly narrowed Dana 60. Can't bring myself to move the springs inboard, but 275/40/17's fit in the wheel well without rubbing.
      thepaintguy, May 3, 2017
  3. stixx
    Good job! Did you write Michael Schumacher engine mounts on purpose... aka joking?
    The man (RIP) has nothing to do with Schumacher Creative Services. :)
    1. 440DART1970
      I believe a Michael Schumacher also owns creative services
      440DART1970, Apr 10, 2017
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