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  • This was the email I received from the person I purchased it from in 2015. He came from a Drag Racing family.

    It's a 1964 Plymouth Barracuda, the very first year of the barracuda. This model is the A-body version which is the smaller lighter version(3200 WET) than b-body 70-74's. It's in awesome shape for a 50 year old car.
    20140829_142413_resized.jpg 20140810_100541_resized_2.jpg
    the drivetrain:
    Small block la 360, literally the largest motor you can fit in these cars.
    -the motor is a 78 which is the best era 360 motor bc they came with .470 lift cams and extremely large head package.
    -mopar performance electronic ignition
    -offenhauser single plane intake manifold
    -holley double pumper with an electric choke
    -offenhauser valve cover's.
    -a sweet moon eyes air cleaner.
    -a fresh installation of hedman full length headers, 2.5" exhaust with x-pipe and single chamber race mufflers. Sounds badass!
    -lots of new replaceables, plugs wires air filter etc.
    -motor runs tits, about 2 months ago i got it dyno'd and it makes 220 to the wheel. 150 psi at each cylinder as well.
    -another rare option is the power brakes and power steering.

    the tranny:
    it's a big block 904 transmission that is well built.
    stock converter, i was contemplating swapping it out for a 2k stall for some better launches lol.
    my favorite part: 64 was the last year of the "push button" Torqueflite transmissions. this is a crazy rare option and very well sought after. works just as good as when it rolled off the assembly line.

    rear end:
    large 8-3/4 rear end. drum brakes. open with 3.90's. posi is in the works

    All stock less a modern head unit and a moon eyes tach. everything works as it should too, defroster, blinkers, brake lights, etc. they all work. it has a the upgraded bucket seats which are very popular. i have seen them for sale for 500$ for just the frame and 1200 all upholstered. these are not torn or stained. the back seat is a bench and is in great condition. no hanging headliner etc. the dash's in these cars were not made so well, that's the worst part of the interior.

    All glass is original and in awesome shape. the infamous back window is perfect. some folks love this model or hate it bc of this window. at the time, it was the largest window every manufactured at 14'. the paint is not perfect by any means, but it looks really good. the bad, there is some cancer on the passenger rear fender well. My priorities are mechanical at the moment so none of this has been addressed. I've gotten quotes for ranges of 1-5k for the work. pics will speak of this.

    Front suspension is stock with the torsion bars lowered 1/2in. new shocks are awaiting to be installed. rear has super stock race springs with new bushings and shocks installed. the car has very nice polished Cragar SS wheels with brand new Michelin tires. maybe 2k miles on them. the car has 90k original miles, drive train has 10k
  • Vehicle:
    Plymouth Barracuda
    360 Dodge
    See above
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  1. Rob R
    You sure don't see them in that condition very often! :thumbsup:
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