68 coupe rebuild

  • 68 coupe originally slant six now sporting 318 727
    Suspension rebuilt new discs, callipers etc.
    Engine was rebuilt 25 years ago with 30 thou over pistons 340 standard cam 340 inlet manifoldhave other heads to go on along with some hugger headers but will need to wait till next year.
    Just put a new set of seals and clutches in the gearbox so should be good for another few years
    Engine back in vehicle
    The reason for getting vehicle back on the road for my pals daughters wedding
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  1. charles mill
    front spindle u r showing . but yes b careful and all seals u repace will last as long as old ones but as u do that change trans fluid an fliter . and a important thing 2 do is adjust bands 2 spects. will help trans last longer and perform better. is simple read a service man. will shift more firm and solid. trans will last twice as long . now if has bad shifts u are maybe prolonging a build.
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