'71 Scamp - Road racer

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  • I’ve rebuilt almost every part with the silver state classic in mind. I’ve attached some pics of where it is. It is running and driveable but the windshield and rear window are out to facilitate painting and roll cage installation.

    1971 Scamp

    Built for Road Racing, Silver State Classic, etc.
    Tom Condran
    Richard Ehrenberg
    Work done:
    Frame connectors
    Torque boxes
    HD Torsion bars
    B-Body SS springs, right de-arched to match left
    Relocated Rear Spring Mounts
    Custom made adjustable strut rods with Howe Racing ball joints
    Moderate 383, Hot 451 in the wings (Andy Finkbiner)
    Pre-oiler/accumulator (3 quart)
    Demon 650 carb
    New Ignition
    Pat Blaise 727
    New Cheetah Turbo-Action shifter (not yet installed.)
    8-3/4 323 sure-trac (B-body, narrowed)
    B-body spindles and rotors
    Custom Porsche Boxster S front Disk brakes on Mopar 12-3/4” rotors
    Custom Mustang Cobra Rear Disk brakes
    New 18” aluminum wheels
    Custom adapters for hub-centric wheels
    Eight point cage.
    Five point harnesses
    Recaro seats
    All new custom instrument cluster
    Firm-Feel Power Steering
    K-Frame, all removable parts and rear axle – powder coated black
    Bumpers – powder coated black
    Engine compartment stripped to bare metal and painted Mopar Winchester gray (looks seafoam green to me). All paint PPG.
    Vinyl removed from roof
    C-Pillars repaired
    Windshield and rear window out
    Plus Lots more!
    I have a Cuda gas cap that I’d like to get installed before it’s painted if I can.

    AND THEN I HAD A STROKE! So I need some help getting my Scamp painted. If you know a painter in the Seattle area, please hook me up.

    BTW, I do have my license back and intend to drive the Silver State Classic!

    Everything except the torque boxes, C pillar repair, roll cage, building the 727 (Pat Blaise) and the welding of the frame connectors was done by me (I did make them).

    Not all of the photos that I have and in no particular order. Enjoy. :>)

    C-Pillar.jpg Dash (2).JPG Dash (After).JPG Demon-850 (5).JPG DSCN0008.JPG DSCN0015.JPG DSCN0018.JPG Engine bay (Before).jpg engine-1.jpg engine-2.jpg engine-3.jpg Fender (1).JPG Fender (2).JPG Fender (3).JPG Fender (4).JPG Front Brakes (Boxster S).JPG Front brakes 003.jpg
  • Vehicle:
    1971 Plymouth Scamp
    1969 383
    Accumulator/pre-oiler, HV Oil pump, Aluminum radiator, Demon 650
    Street Radials
    Race Weight:

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  1. Jack Mosby
  2. Jack Mosby
  3. mgoblue9798
    Did you purchase or fabricate the bracket to hold the Porsche caliper to the mopar knuckle?
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    2. Keith McIntyre
      If there is any interest, I may be able to resurrect the drawings and have more made. The drawings for the fronts are lost, so I would have to start over. I have a set of 6 piston 928 calipers that I may fit one day.
      Keith McIntyre, Jun 15, 2018
      mgoblue9798 likes this.
    3. Keith McIntyre
      If I were doing it again, I would probably use a single piece of Aluminum, for the rears instead of my Inconel sandwich. I had the Inconel, so...
      Keith McIntyre, Jun 15, 2018
      mgoblue9798 likes this.
    4. mgoblue9798
      I was hoping to get the front of course! Ebooger had a nice low buck swap in the latest mag using Jeep Liberty factory parts to run discs on the back of an 8 3/4 rear.
      mgoblue9798, Jun 15, 2018
  4. Cwag27
    Looks good. Hope you find someone who can help you finish up. Really want to see the finished product.
  5. stixx
    Nice work... and oooh I like the front brakes!

    And all the best for your recovery!
  6. mgoblue9798
    I have had health issues in the past that put my projects on hold for a while as well. If you were a little closer I would help you out. It is probably a little too far to get the car to my shop in Atlanta. Nice work so far and best of luck.
      itchy666 likes this.
  7. A408Cuda
    Great work!
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