Ari’s mopar project

  • 5D3CDC23-E498-4C5E-9CEC-260AC34945B8.jpeg I am sure many of you can relate, I decided to jump on a project I knew nothing about, never changed the oil never bled the brakes all completely new first time so here you are. My story,
    I bought this baby in 2014 not knowing if it would start let alone get me anywhere, my buddy told me to remove the carborator rebuild it and put it back, so I did not quite sure how but I did with a rebuild kit from the local auto parts store.(my new best friends) well what do you know the car cranked and started. I ran it played with it, decided to replace somethings like points for electronic distributor,well that wasn’t smart at the time since I messed up my timing, miraculously with YouTube I figured that out too and got it running again a week later. I have replaced brakes and lines, fuel tank and lines, completely rebuilt the engine, all new wiring new interior to original design not color LOL and finally yesterday a new roof. Well to make a long story short here is the almost final project.
    1964 valiant slant six 170c automatic push button transmission. I hope you enjoy my project in pictures.
  • Dyno Type:
    Dyno Dynamics
  • Vehicle:
    plymouth valiant V200
    170 2.8
    Street Radials

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  1. 64longroof
    You did all that work in 3-4 years? Wow! I predict it will be a babe magnet. Cuz its cute. Like mine
  2. 340challconv
    Great Project; like your car
  3. Dave Lucas
    Looks Great!
  4. joseph schrom
    good looking car
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