barracuda sees light of day!

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    1967 Barracuda
    8-3/4 rear end Chrysler 300 dash
    Street Radials

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  1. Garrett Ellison
    Very impressive under hood, I am curious about the 300 dash. Would like to see it, what year are you retrofitting in? Sounds interesting, to say the least...
  2. jprspoke
    Way farther then me on the project
  3. 69dartwant
    Always good to hear people making progress, and yours sounds good! Since you said there is a long way to go, it just hit me to when I was feeling overwhelmed while building my house 20 years ago, and I was looking at the whole large project. Then someone suggested to this to me, and maybe you are already doing this. They told me to focus on little parts getting done, and then feeling you've accomplished that part, then moving on to the next part, all the while slowly getting closer to finishing the project.., and finally being totally done! Just a friendly suggestion! And of course "ENJOY THE PROCESS"
    1. bryan Schaupp
      I agree. I just try to get one thing accomplished at a time and always feel like at least I am moving forward.

      Always feel good when you find piece to the puzzle or get something done off the list
      bryan Schaupp, Apr 3, 2017
  4. bryan Schaupp
    So far I have gone through the engine (383) column, rear end (8-3/4), disc brake conversion (front) and am putting in Chrysler 300 dash now that I can bring outside I am going to detail the engine compartment and gt ready to put in the engine. very long way to go but liking what I see so far.
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