Dakota's 1973 Dodge Dart Custom

  • I purchased this Dart from an old man about 25 miles from my house. It has 112,000 documented miles, every receipt from the day it was bought. 318 automatic, factory Air, gave 1500 for it runs real good , Changed oil and put new tires around it. now i am working on replacing the busted out driver side window.She is also 100% rust free..............................
    Did a complete suspension and steering rebuild
    converted the original power steering pump to a Saginaw pump with an aluminum pulley.
    Parts so far.
    Power steering pump and lines
    New powder coated power steering bracket
    New belts
    New silicone vacuum lines
    Dome light cover
    New carpet
    New calipers pads and rotors
    New master cylinder
    New turn signal switch
    Replaced the horn button with nos
    New fron arm rests
    New door locks and trunk lock
    Trunk mat
    215 70 14 general Altimax Tires
    New glove box interior
    Rebuilt the carb
    New throttle and kick down springs
    New rear side marker lenses
    Side mirror sport from a 1972 Plymouth Duster
    Drivers rear side mirror
    Wiper bushings
    New window fuzzies
    New magnaflow exhaust
    Alternator wiring
    Motor mounts
    Hood insulation
    Battery hold down bracket

    Update—————- 3/9/19
    Recently got the old am radio working replaced speaker and replaced some bulbs in the cluster and the map light, new speedo cable aswell. Been driving daily no major issues, up to 116600 miles now. Decoded the fender tag unusually has a 727.

    Replaced the Carb with an OE Carter unit.
    Ordered a new tag light assembly,
    A/C started leaking so i ordered new gaskets, and the parts to convert the a/c to r132 a( o rings, fittings, accumulator, themostat, compressor gaskets) getting the old girl ready for the summer.
  • Vehicle:
    1973 dodge dart Custom
    Street Radials

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  1. rustyfish
    Very nice, looks like a good project!
  2. Dakota R Keck
    I have done a few improvements added some new shocks, new magnaflow exhaust , rear marker lights, repaired the dash lights, and added a few odds and ends will add new pictures tomorrow, waxed paint, repaired the vinyl top as well, Ordered a few new parts will update as they are installed.
      Go Mango likes this.
    1. Dakota R Keck
      new hood sound insulation came in today along with the glove box that will be in stalled once i get time
      Dakota R Keck, Oct 29, 2018
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