Dart Resurrection After 39 years!

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  • This site has given me inspiration to get this 1963 Dodge Dart GT (170) on the road again. This is the first car I owned. I purchased it for $250 in NC in 1977 as the second owner. I "fixed it up" and drove it through high school and college (First photo) and parked it in 1983 with the hopes of just "saving it". It's been garaged ever since (Second photo). It hasn't even started in thirty-nine years. It's not frozen. The car is very solid and 100% complete except for a missing interior door panel. I'm doing a suspension and brake rebuild now (stock). Then I'll replace the gas tank and other fuel components. My plan is to have it on the road by the end of the summer. How many times have we heard "It ran when I parked it?" Stay tuned…
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  1. mjmayhem
    Very nice .
  2. fish stink
    Nice to see another one saved. It's even a vert to boot! During those years i find it funny how G.T's could be had with a leaning tower of power. Just guessing but wondering if,,,,,,
  3. PScamp74
    That's a great looking ride, for sure. The fact that you've had it so long makes it even better..Nice, nice, nice.... looking forward to updates and progress...
  4. 64longroof
    You are so lucky to still have this car! Yeah, "it ran when I parked it" is a pretty useless statement. "It may still run, but I am afraid to try to start it /I can't afford a battery and tires / I lost all the keys......" would be a little more descriptive.
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  5. Perseus
    Still beautiful.
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  6. 340challconv
    Cool car, glad you kept her all these years:thumbsup:
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  7. triumphman
    That is your own barn find. Good luck with you restoration.
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  8. ACME SS
    NICE! Sorry, didn't mean to yell. Not often a person keeps their first car. Look forward to updates.
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