Door Latch Adjustment - 1968 Barracuda

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  • This is the door latch; look at the top middle of the picture and you will see a black allen head screw. Loosen this screw and you can adjust the latch position that engages the striker. Mine was hanging up on the striker causing the door to stick closed. I had to pull up on the door and pull or smack it from the inside to get it to open. I adjusted this arm and now my door opens and closes like butter. Don't forget to tighten the screw down after adjusting. I have four pictures here, scroll down to see all.


    Different angle:
    This is how you reach it while it is on the car; there is a hole in the door that your wrench can fit into:

    Here is what it looks like on the inside:

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  1. mosleyme
    Either this or striker adjustment
      greggyD likes this.
  2. greggyD
    I'm having the opposite effect, the door won't close all the way. Will Adjusting this fix my problem?
  3. Mike69barracuda
    Great tip THX
      mosleyme likes this.
  4. 4spdragtop
    Thanks for posting! I will have to chk and see if adjustment is there for 67/9.
      mosleyme likes this.
  5. Mike69barracuda
    THX for posting
      mosleyme likes this.
  6. RogerRamRod
    Thank You
      mosleyme likes this.
  7. rustyfish
    Nice, does this work on early A's ('66) too?
    1. mosleyme
      I looked at a picture of one, does not appear to be the same.
      mosleyme, Jul 21, 2018
  8. cuda27365
    Thank you, never knew, I will go look at my cars door latches!
      4spdragtop likes this.
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