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  • Here is a picture of the 440 that was installed in 1994 and was in the car until 2001:
    And some pictures from the build of the replacement 440 that went into the car in 2001:
    Bottom End-s.jpg
    Connecting Rod-s.jpg
    Engine on stand-s.jpg
    Short Block-s.jpg
    And here is a picture of it in the car:
    Here is the last picture of it with iron heads, I pulled the engine when the car went to the paint shop:
    And here is a picture of it before it went back in, now with ported aluminum heads, new damper, and a "new" intake:
    Here is a picture of that intake by itself:
    weiand angle shot1.jpg
    And a picture of the engine in the car:
    DSC06547 4x6.jpg
    And a test fit with the new air cleaner which still needs paint:
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  1. 69Dartgts2
    Very Nice!!!!
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  2. toolmanmike
    Pretty cool mill. The port injection has got to be a plus.
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  3. duster rege
    Lookin good!!
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