First Car Restoration by a Learning Rookie: 1968 Dodge Dart GT

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    Dodge Dart GT
    225 Stant Six 3.7L
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  1. Andrezinho
    very nice car:usflag:. I never saw a Dart convertible into real. Can you explain and show me the bodywork reinforcements?
  2. triumphman
    Looks like a great find.
    1. TallGuyFitz
      Thank you! Definitely need a lot of work, but I'm slowly beginning to read up what terms and such means and replacing parts only if necessary such as radiator and fuel tank.
      TallGuyFitz, Apr 23, 2020
  3. A56
    Take a picture of the fender tag, maybe we can tell you something about it
    1. TallGuyFitz
      No fender tag, I only have the VIN which helped me ID the type of slant six it was. Any other indications that might come in handy?
      TallGuyFitz, Apr 23, 2020
    2. TallGuyFitz
      UPDATE: I found the fender tag miraculously! Very worn, but I could make out every row except the top two (I'll try looking at the tag physically when I'm home from work, I have it on a picture on my phone.)

      Here's the tag:
      [First Row]
      [Second Row: Looks to be A-Z printed]
      1 2
      12345678 AX TRN PNT U8S
      0 5 1 P4B EE1 U
      LP27 21 5 13 930 126092
      TallGuyFitz, May 18, 2020
  4. MAGA
    NICE! I'm also new to this and just rebuilt my Slant six and installed it yesterday!!!! Hope to turn the key soon. Good luck! My car is in a lot worse shape as that gem!
    1. TallGuyFitz
      Right now I think I need to get a new distributor in there, but fingers crossed!
      TallGuyFitz, Apr 23, 2020
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