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  • The odd couple. On the left is a 1979 Chrysler 300 that runs mid 10's with a stroked and blown small block. On the right is a 1933 Plymouth ( also with a warmed up 360 ) for daily cruising.
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  1. 383Scampman
    THanks John , funny fact : my '72 Scamp weighs 3,460 in street trim . Did you take a lot of weight out ?
    1. John Cailey
      Oh ya! This car came with very few options and still weighed 3960 in street trim. Stuff that went south = all that rich "Corinthian leather" interior, P/S, P/B, all the HVAC stuff including the A/C system, wiper system, stock fuel system ( 10 Gal fuel cell), and many smaller items. Weight that went back in was an 8 point cage.
      John Cailey, Dec 12, 2018
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    2. 383Scampman
      Thanks , that's cool stuff
      383Scampman, Dec 12, 2018
  2. mycuda
    Hell of a shop! And cars!

  3. 383Scampman
    Love , love , love your shop . Love your cars . Questions : Is the '33 sectioned ? Is it steel ? Is it chopped ? How much does the 300 weigh ?
    1. John Cailey
      33 is an all glass car. It is chopped 3", channeled, sectioned, and stretched ( 110" WB ). Glass work came from "Custom33" out of Indianapolis, In. 300 weighs 3450.
      John Cailey, Dec 11, 2018
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