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  • This is Gladys. She is a 1975 F250 Heavy Duty Camper Special. She was bestowed a double whammy of coolness from the Ford Motor Company. First, she is an F253, which is a heavy duty F250. She has a GVWR of 8100 pounds, which is more than a lot of F350s the same year. She was bestowed with the Camper Special option as well, hence the double whammy.

    She originally came with a 360 Ford big block, but somewhere down the line, something happened and a 351M was swapped in its place. She retains the Original Borg Warner T18 four speed with the double low first gear. Out back she has a Dana 60 with 3.73 gears. Gladys is one heavy duty beeotch.

    The 400 is hopefully going to make it into Gladys sometime soon. Although I am in no hurry as the 351M runs fantastic.

    All of the "before" pictures of the 400 are in my friend PanGasket's truck. Had it not been for him going to get the engine I would not have it. He drove a long way to get it and I am in his debt. He has been a good friend.
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  1. Princess Valiant
    "nice solid truck"
    Glad to see this old truck is in the hands of someone who will take care of her. :)

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  1. missing linc
    When I was a kid we had a very similar truck, I think it was a 75 F250 Camper Special, had a 360 IIRC, and a big ass oversized camper on it. I believe that one had an automatic transmission. Had some fun trips with that one. Nice looking old Ford.
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  2. 72SwingerJosh
    See in your post you say f-253. Is that located on the vin tag. I always wondered how people could tell if it was a different series.
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    1. RustyRatRod
      Yup. The VIN on the data plate begins with "F253". Those designations go all the way to "F259" and then go to "F350" and start all over with the third digit, depending on GVWR.
      RustyRatRod, Jan 12, 2018
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  3. Woodie
    Nice old school ride Rusty.
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  4. 71ChargerSE
    Good looking old rig.
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  5. Bigdummy
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