My 1969 Dodge Dart Custom

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  • I bought my car back in May 2001 just before graduating high school. When I first got the car, I got it streetable and built a mild 318 SB to put in it. I wasn't too worried about the body because at the time & being young all I wanted to do was go fast! After having the car running for 4-5 years I grew up and started life and the car became a yard ornament basically in 2006. Jump ahead 8 years, and I came to the point where either I did something with the car or got rid of it and got something that didn't need as much work. After a 6 month search of trying to find another car in better shape and making a couple of calls and emails about other cars, I decided to just fix mine. Living in Atlanta metro area definitely has its perks when it comes to car restorations since Year One, Summit Racing, & Auto Metal Direct (AMD) are all within a short drive away. I visited AMD a couple of times and dropped $2500 on new sheet metal to get the ball rolling on the body in 2014. Luckily, after 8 years of the car sitting up and not being ran, it fired up on the 1st try after a fresh charge was placed on the battery and the carb was rebuilt. So now jump to 1.5 years later and most of the last pics below are of the car now after new sheet metal is installed. Now I'm excited to get back going on the car and get the body done.

    Below are some body mods I plan to do to the car before final paint:
    Mini tub rear
    Install roll cage
    add US Car Tool Level 2 Chassis Stiffening Kit

    Here are some performance mods I plan to make:
    SureGrip with 3.55:1 gears (already bought just got to get setup)
    Convert car from automatic to 4 speed car (I have must of the stuff to do this)
    Build a 383 or 413 BB with 600+ HP
    Tubular front end setup
    Four link rear setup
    Disc brakes on all four corners
  • Vehicle:
    1969 Dodge Dart Custom
    Currently 318 SB but in near future will build a 383 or 413 BB and convert to 4 speed car
    Street Radials

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  1. 69DartMatt
    Finally got the US Car Tools Level 2 Chassis Stiffening kit installed and the floor repaired. Had to replace the passenger side floor pan and driver side floor pan extension for the back seat floor pan area. Next step is to get the mini tubs in and order rear suspension setup.

    You guys got any recommendations for a rear coilover 4 link or ladder bar setup that will fit between the frame rails so I can run the biggest tire possible?
  2. 69DartMatt
    I’m finally getting around to installing my US Car Tool Level 2 chassis stiffening kit that I ordered back in September. I’m almost half way done with the install.
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  3. 69DartMatt
    Well, I decided to have the car media blasted a month ago and got it done about 2 weeks ago. The car was pretty solid, but I found a few places with rust through that I didn't know was there. Also, found some crappy welding the body guy did that he decided to just fill with body filler. So I've already went and got the pieces AMD had in stock for now to get moving forward. Now I'm at the big turning point where this becomes a build instead of a tear down!
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  4. rustyfish
    Looking good, great progress!
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  5. 69DartMatt
    Finally had time to pull the driveline and completely strip the car last week while on Thanksgiving vacation and got it on the rotisserie. I think I need to make a few tweaks to how it sits on the rotisserie to get it balanced/center of gravity corrected to get it to rotate easier.

    Next steps are to get floor pans repaired, the bottom cleaned up, us cartools stage 2 stiffening kit and mini tubs installed, and get the bottom primed and undercoating done.
  6. Killer6
    My first car, bought it summer of '83 just out of HS, slanty car tho'. Put a 4 gear & 8.75 w/3.23's behind a cammed teener, probably had the most fun of My lifetime in that car, even if it wasn't
    the fastest by far............looking good dude! I still have all of the custom series trim here somewhere.................
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    1. 69DartMatt
      Sweet! Thanks for the compliment! When I first tore my car down when I got it I trashed A LOT of the beat up parts and trim. And now I'm kicking myself in the butt for it! I've bought a lot of it back since then too to replace some of my late teen stupidity. HAHA Live and learn! I think I've about decided to go BB 4 speed with it and push for 600HP. Its a slow process when my car is 6 hours away and I can only work on it a couple of days every month or so when I go home to visit.
      69DartMatt, Mar 3, 2017
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  7. 1969dart383
    I had two of my buddys help drop the motor in one is a body guy ...I told him right up front if it got scratched of dinged he had to fix it.. lol...there are some guy that swear by putting the motor in on the k frame from the bottom and then the other side of the is the guys that swear its more trouble... and they had less control from the bottom...
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  8. 1969dart383
    Your car looks like its coming along has came a long way keep in mind it may take a while to get it done but the memories of doing it will last a life time. keep plugging away...
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    2. 1969dart383
      Nice you do know that with the BB and headers in the engine compartment its tight...if my starter went I would have had to pull the engine to get at it. the headers on my BB looked like someone took a hammer to them to get em in and did some pounding on the fire wall tooo... even with the original ex manifolds its tight...
      1969dart383, Jan 17, 2017
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    3. 1969dart383
      you may want to test your motor fit prior to paint and finishing up you compartment body work...
      1969dart383, Jan 17, 2017
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    4. 69DartMatt
      Yeah I've looked at a few BB 68 69 Darts and a BB 69 Cuda before. I definitely don't want to cut the inner fender wells so I think I'm going to end up running a tubular K member and TTI headers with a mini starter to help out with that situation. I definitely won't finish final paint until everything has been fitted and double checked for correct fitment. I've seen a bunch of guys on here saying they regretted painting before checking.
      69DartMatt, Jan 17, 2017
  9. vadar
    very nice
    1. 69DartMatt
      69DartMatt, Jan 9, 2017
  10. djais1801
    i'd go T5 Bronze if it were mine...not many around and man...what a color when done!! keep up the good work! Here's my buddies 69 RR in T5 next to my B7 RR.
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    1. 69DartMatt
      Those are some great looking RR!
      69DartMatt, Jan 9, 2017
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