My "Pretty Baby" is completed

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  1. Mark Wainwright
    A beautiful car. A lot of meticulous work and it shows. Nicely done.
  2. Caliscamp72
    wow!!!! i am impressed . that is one fine example of a meticulous resto! you should be very satisfied....until the next one of course! beautiful brotha.
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  3. RickyMBobby
    Wow, that looks great!
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  4. 68original
    That is one beautiful big block Dart.
    Congrats on the trophy!
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  5. 69dartwant
    Beautiful, beautiful car!!! Congrats on the trophy and all the hard work. What a GREAT family photo!!!!
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  6. Pilotguy
    Looks good! Are the exhaust manifolds ceramic coated?
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    1. 1969dart383
      Yes I had them done at BBD coatings in Syracuse. I was not sure what to expect but if your considering having it done it Is well worth the money. They hold up great to the heat and look just like they did the day I had them done. Glad I had them done!
      1969dart383, Oct 3, 2016
    2. Pilotguy
      Great! thanks for the feedback.
      Pilotguy, Oct 11, 2016
  7. duster rege
    Super nice car bro!!
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  8. 1969dart383
    Happiness is having my grand kids that were with me when I bought the car before restoration to be there to accept the top 10 cars trophy!
  9. Superod
    Simply beautiful. Red is my favorite color on this era Dart but I think this blue is edging red off its pedestal. Wow...
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  10. Mike Z
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