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  1. Derrick Kidwell
    That's right luv it
  2. Red63440
    A little bit about the 68 Barracuda....all of its sheet metal as far as fenders, doors, floors, hood and trunk lid and valances are all original to the car, a very small amout of filler was found in the car due to small dents, the filler has been removed and the dents were repaired. At this point replacement bumpers have been installed and were sourced from AMD, all the glass except the windshield is also original to the car. The engine is a fresh 78' 360 cubic inch small block connected to a small block 727 and 8 1/4" rear end. Front end and rear end are from a 1974 Dodge Dart which gives the Barracuda larger rear brakes as well as disk brakes up front. Several things are being added during the rebuild including a full bucket seat white interior with automatic console, new door panels, full carpeting and headliner, electric windshield washer reservoir and switch, hood mounted turn signal indicators, Classic Air air conditioning system, new upper dash pad, perfect lower 2 piece dash pad, replacement steering column to change from column shift to floor shift and to add power steering, power brakes. All interior panels including the dash frame were bead blasted and repainted to factory specs. Items like outer door handles, door and trunk lid locks were also replaced.
  3. Red63440
    As I see changes taking place it reminds me that without help from the members on FABO this would have been a lot harder to have done. Finding parts, getting measurements and a slew of other things may not have been done, Thank you all very much again!:thumbsup:
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  4. Red63440
    I am really excited about this car but this will be the first car that I haven't had a direct hand in. Every car I have ever had has been done by me, this one is different because its on the other side of the country. The color is beautiful and the gentleman doing the car has more experience than anyone I have ever met... and has been a personal friend for over 30 years, it will be well worth the wait!!
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  5. Red63440
    When going over the car for the first time i found that the car had been exported to Germany and then at some point returned to the US. Fender tags give a number for registration in Germany as well as a "Plymouth, Made in the USA".:usflag:
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  6. Robert Priest
    You by chance have an extra passenger side tail light you could part with?
    1. Red63440
      No sir I don't
      Red63440, May 19, 2018
    2. Red63440
      I purchased new tail light housings and lenses from Laysons, nicer than the other re-pops.
      Red63440, Dec 22, 2018
  7. cuda27365
    Looks like you have a few cool rigs there, whats that behind the Charger?
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    1. Red63440
      My buddy has quite a collection of cars, not really sure what that is.
      Red63440, Apr 28, 2018
  8. Red63440
    I found that the sun just cooks the paint off the older cars that leaves a patina but next to no rust.
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