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  • 1976 Mercury Bobcat. Swapping in a 1999 5.0 Explorer GT40P engine with custom ground Oregon hydraulic roller cam.

    World Class T-5 five speed transmission. 8" Mustang II rear axle with 3.40 gears.

    This project is two fold for me. I was attacked by a bobcat when I was 8 years old and lost my left eye.

    I also did a V8 conversion on an early Pinto when I was a kid and did a pretty butchered up job on it. So I kinda want to both redeem myself and at the same time "beat the bobcat".

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  1. Princess Valiant
    "very cool car and project"
    watching this one :)
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  1. missing linc
    This looks like it should be an interesting toy when done. In high school there was a kid who had a sbf Pinto, was a bit of a butchered job IIRC, but still a cool car. Also had a classmate in auto shop build a sbc powered Vega in class. He was well ahead of the rest of us in terms of skills, built his own frame too.
    Like the backstory too.
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  2. I8NEMO
    That's a great story, cool car and a ballsy challenge. Maybe we're kindred spirits, I swapped in a 350, muncie 4spd and a 9" in my 73 fj40 when I was a kid. Have a super 2020 Rusty
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  3. Hellrats
    Looks like someone might be chasing that cat's tail :)
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    1. RustyRatRod
      Well, counting my F250, Gladys, I have four projects. I am chasing each one a little at a time. LOL
      RustyRatRod, Aug 14, 2019
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  4. Garrett Ellison
    Is that piston at zero or actually at a little bit of positive deck height? That is one good looking engine build, sir!
    1. RustyRatRod
      It's zero.
      RustyRatRod, Aug 14, 2019
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  5. JeffisOld
    Pretty Cool!

    I like it sir!

    Keep us posted!
  6. Abodybomber
    Cool story, Rob..Go tear it up,in a good way... Automatic V6 car originally?, If so,that 8" should be a 3:42 pumpkin....
    1. RustyRatRod
      I miss you buddy!
      RustyRatRod, Aug 16, 2019
  7. Eddie348
    Cant wait to see you take that Bobcat out.
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