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  • Pictures of the garage and vintage road race prepped 1966 Barracuda Formula S of Team Starfish Racing. This car was restored from 1992-1994 to international FIA Sporting Regulations (FIA #535) as a Group 3 Grand Touring (GT) class car, for racing in FIA sanctioned endurance race events (think 12 Hours of Sebring, 24 Hours of Daytona, LeMans, etc.). It has been on the vintage race circuit for the last 20 years, and has logged over 5,000 miles on the track in over 40 weekends of racing events. It has raced at Laguna Seca, Sears Point, Buttonwillow, Thunderhill, Willow Springs, Portland International Raceway, and Seattle International Raceway. The clubs it's raced with include SCCA, HMSA, CSRG, VARA, SVRA, and SOVREN.

    Don't ask me what the 1/4 mile times are, we've NEVER taken it to a drag strip.

    Competitor cars are generally Corvettes, Ford Mustangs and GT-40s, Shelby GT-350s, Cobras and Daytonas, Camaros, Jaguars, Tigers, larger bore Porsches, and on special occasions, other Mopars! With some clubs there are smaller bore cars mixed in; Alfa Romeos, Ferraris, Lotuses, Sports Racers, etc.

    We've owned the car since 1992, some 25 years. Hard to believe it's been that long. I've retired now, and for at least now so has the car. (It costs about $1500 to run the car for one weekend of racing.) I hope to have it back on the track as soon as I am able!
  • Vehicle:
    1966 Plymouth Barracuda Formula S Vintage Road Race Car
    325 cubic inch T/A small block, 4 bolt main
    Race prepped, 400+ HP
    Race Weight:
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  1. lordoffrisco
    Wow, what a cool story. Love those early fishes on the track!!! They are just awesome -especially your fish. We have also some here in Austria, Europe. One gold `65 Barracuda. You can see the fish in this video from this year:

    Here is the thread:
    Oldschool Racing - Mopars On The Track (Video! + Pics)

    Keep on racing and posting pics!!!
    1. Fishracer66
      Thanks. It's great to have some place to share the photos I've collected over the years.

      What a nice video! Looks like there are a couple of Mopars there.... ;-)
      Fishracer66, Oct 25, 2017
  2. SpikeWills69
    Love your 66 and really enjoyed the album. GREAT car!
  3. rustyfish
    I wonder if you could tell the brand and model of this steering wheel
    1. Fishracer66
      It is a Lecarra. I bought it some 25 years ago. I don't remember exactly what model, but looking at pictures it appears to be a Mark 3 model. I do remember that I had to purchase an adapter kit to mount it.
      Fishracer66, Oct 2, 2017
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  4. Fishracer66
    If any FABO members have pictures of this car at any racing events over the last 20 years, please send me the file so I can add it to this archive!

  5. - Marvin -
    Two vids of a race event in Austria with a 65 Barracuda and others...

    1. Fishracer66
      Wonderful videos, Marvin! What a mix of cars. I've been on the track with several "million dollar" cars (Porsche 910, Alfa TZ, etc.), and it always made me nervous.... ;-)
      Fishracer66, Sep 15, 2017
  6. - Marvin -
    Great car, great pictures!
    Over here in Europe we have a lot of race events and series for vintage cars.
    This is truly the kind of motor sports the early Barracudas were built for.
    1. Fishracer66
      Yes. There are only two of us vintage racing early Barracudas in the US that I know of, one on the east coast, and one (mine) on the west coast. There are also a couple of early Darts.
      I think there are certainly more early Barracudas racing in Europe than here!
      Fishracer66, Sep 14, 2017
  7. retroron
    Nice fish!
  8. Fishracer66
    I just added a bunch more old race pictures, Enjoy!
  9. boydsdodge
    1. Fishracer66
      Thanks! I'll keep posting pictures in as fast as I can scan them.....
      Fishracer66, Sep 12, 2017
  10. boydsdodge
    When was this shot taken?
    Tim looks?????
    1. Fishracer66
      The shots from Laguna Seca were taken at a SCCA event in 2005.
      Fishracer66, Sep 12, 2017