The Never-Ending Story

  • Turning 48 next month, so is my ride. At the lowest depth of my cumulative career as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist. Cannot find a job. My expertise and cumulative experience is almost my biggest detriment.

    It is absolutely illogical. Also, any Overhaulin' fan must realize by now, that the Mississippi River might just as well be just as wide and as salty as the almighty Atlantic Ocean; because not even once has any of these shows featured an East Coast relic brought from a diamond in the rough state into a "one of only one, in the entire world gemstone transformed from its basal elemental raw state to an ominous irradiating gem by FOOSIFICATION. Moreover, let's use an INVERSE FORMULA for once......ME, the destitute car owner is the insider; and my 14 year old daughter is the traumatized victim until the reveal.

    For instance, I put my car up as collateral in order to buy her SOLD OUT concert tickets from some scalper on Stub Hub; and he or she decided that they had a much better offer from another interested buyer. It would be absolute cringe TV. Besides, I actually almost lost my car due to non-fictional extortion by a person that I considered to be a trusted friend. I borrowed $5,000.00, paid him back $4,000.00 and he had unwittingly sold it to my heroic friend for $4,500.00 before he was able to dupe me out of the remaining $1,000.00 balance, which he would have; if not for the divine 45 Benjamin's put up by a far more cunning friend.

    Who could ever bought this car for a mere $4,500.00 anywhere on this planet, aside from my friend?
  • Vehicle:
    1970 Plymouth Duster 340
    1968 340 cid. 1967 casting.
    0.030 over race block, Herb McCandless Sr. fully race prepped 2.02 intake, 1.60 exhaust heads with hardened seats, Edelbrock Torker II single plane, Edelbrock 750 cam vacuum secondary carb, 10" TCI stall converter, Cheetah Reverse Manual Valve Body, 1973 5 bolt on 4.5 inch front suspension and Greg Moser large pattern axles, all polyurethane bushings.....
    Street Radials
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