[FOR SALE] 10" Inch DRUM Brake Spindles. 73-76 A Body Cars. Slant 6.

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    This current listing, is for the last pair of spindles that i have in stock, for sale.

    These are a pair of DRUM brake spindles that are used on slant 6 A body Duster, Dart, Demon, Valiant, Scamp, automobiles from 1973 to 1976.

    They also will fit and work on any 1970-74 E-body car, and any 1962-72 B body car.

    Spindles have the same overall height measurements, so they interchange without any problems.
    These spindles are the years that have the larger diameter inner wheel bearing.

    Casting number 3402738.

    These spindles are needed when converting to a Viper, and other disc brake caliper conversion for the people that really want to stop.

    AR Engineering makes, (or made) a kit that requires these spindles, and i think some other manufacturer's requires these spindles, Wilwood brake kits, Scarebird brake kits, as they might use the larger diameter inner wheel bearing, and their mounting plates are designed around these spindles.
    But i personally have no experience with any of the aftermarket equipment companies.

    For you 72 and earlier A body owners, you would need to change your upper control arms to the 73-76 ones to use these spindles, as they are for the larger diameter ball joint stud. B and E body cars already use the larger ball joint, so no problems there.

    I cleaned everything up in the solvent tank, and then soaked off the spindles, nuts and bolts, in a solution of a product called Evaporust, to remove all the surface rust from the parts, then painted them up with Rustoleum black.

    Your getting all the bearings, grease seals, nuts & bolts required to use on your car.
    If you had to purchase all that at your local parts store, you probably would be spending an additional fifty dollar bill.
    Your getting all that with my parts.

    Parts are in great condition, ready for use, i painted up the spindles, pack all the bearings, and go.

    This pair is the last set that i have in stock. All my other one's have now been sold.

    $120.00 for the spindles, + $21.00 for the mailman, to your zip code, + 3% Pay Pal

    Send me a pm, if your interested, and then we can go from there.

    Thank's a lot.
    Jim V.

    Spindles UCA's Sw Br Parts 001 (Small).JPG

    Spindles UCA's Sw Br Parts 002 (Small).JPG

    Spindles UCA's Sw Br Parts 003 (Small).JPG

    Spindles UCA's Sw Br Parts 004 (Small).JPG

    Spindles UCA's Sw Br Parts 005 (Small).JPG

    Viper Caliper & Spindle.jpg
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