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    I am testing the water to make a possible trade for my 1926 for sedan 2 door project. The car has had had a lot of work done to it just needs finishing. I lost interest in it and am now I looking to move one to a different build. I have the following that will be going with it. Looking to trade it for a gasser project. $8500 obo Screenshot_20210414-143143_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20210414-143147_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20210414-143150_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20210414-143153_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20210414-143159_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20210414-143139_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20210414-143202_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20210414-143207_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20210414-143210_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20210414-143217_Gallery.jpg
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