1964-1965 Barracuda Tail Light Bezels


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FABO Vendor
Apr 25, 2005
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Lakewood, WA

1964-1965 Barracuda Tail Light Bezels SPECIAL PRICE $195.00 for a PAIR of factory seconds. Discount exempt, and no discount code needed.

These pieces have been classified as "factory seconds" due to very slight imperfections in the chrome plating. The imperfections are NOT noticable from 10 feet, and are barely noticable if you are within 3 feet. These are a very practicle choice for cars that are drivers, weekend cruisers, or drag cars.

PLEASE NOTE: These bezels do NOT come with the black plastic housing-to-body gaskets. The gaskets are sold seperately(RD-65CTHGP, $89.00/pair).

Please PM or email me if you're interested in a pair.

Price is good until 12-22-2012.


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The sale pricing for these bezels has been extended until 1-10-2013.

Also....the black plastic housing-to-body gaskets, part# RD-65CTHGP, normally priced at $89.00 a pair, can be purchased for HALF PRICE if you purchase a pair of these bezels.
Hi Rick,
The 65 Barracuda bezels still available for $195.00 and gasket set for half price ? Are these NOS numbered 65 Cuda bezels ? Also I'm not sure what very slight imperfections in chrome means exactly, thin chrome, pitting, bubble ? They sure look nice in the photos.

Look forward to hearing from you. Jay