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1965 MMP's Barracuda Hemi swap! The Ever Changing Build

  1. Hello, So I was able to pickup this 65 Barracuda. I plan on doing a track-able street car inspired by the European Group 1 touring cars of the late 60's and early 70's . This is my intent, But like most of my builds and idea's I tend to be completely all over the map. I want a "retro" or meld of what I see in my head with new with old, and not quite what the norm on a budget "build".

    Here's kinda how I have come to this point..
    When I was younger I had a 69 barracuda while in the Marines and it was geared more for street n strip work. Sadly it was stolen a few years after this picture. :-(

    After this I found the joy of track racing. I love watching and I love the history of the cars.
    I found myself enjoying the older iron, and got heavy into the DTM of the 80-90's fell in love with the Merc's and bmw of the time, as wells as the Aussy V8's. I've built many BMW e30's for track and opened a shop building strokers and turbo builds for the bmw. But as always with a good things it passes with time. I found myself fighting the state on emissions and found myself cheating the system to enjoy my hobby/ passion. Finally the last shoes dropped when California adopted the Star smog program. Within Months of 2016 I had sold all of my BMW's and stopped building Merc' and bimmer motors then dropped out of the scene. I and found self seeking out and buying smog exempt cars and truck. Until i came upon and bought my 74 D200 with a 360 and built the motor to pull stumps and it has now become the "ShopTruck"

    12715486_923509914423866_751648501915775467_n.jpg 12829270_934455486662642_6790130331677869871_o.jpg

    Next I needed was a car to build into a screamer. Thankfully I was able to find the 65 barracuda. It started life as normal Socal car with 225 1bbl center console auto, and * hi option "variable speed wiper motor" lol
    but along the way some one removed the 225 and replaced it with 78-82 318 small port, then added a 82 360 4bbl manifold and what looks to be a edelbrock square bore 500cfm? carb, and 1.5" exhaust out the back. Needless to say its pretty gutless. The Silver lining is some one swapped in a 8.25" suregrip rearend. and I have all the trim work...
    13413519_991439217630935_6247304940515110381_n.jpg 13428019_993770057397851_6068929555023431741_n.jpg

    Now that I have the car i did some interweb searching on vintage road race barracuda's and I found more than I was expecting :) and I plan on building the car to look as though it was built for this purpose Key word "look"
    Under the skin I will have a sorted 99 Magnum fuely w/ SC setup. Evan from Magnum Mopar is rebuilding my Harness now and I have contacted FlyinRyan and he will be Mapping/ tuning the ECU.
    At the moment the 904 will have to stand in till I can source a A518 tans ( I don't want to go fast on the street, I want to fly on the frwy)
    I also plan on tri 4 link rear, Still undecided on the front suspension.
    As for the cockpit, sadly look like a total loss missing more than most. So I will be doing a minimal track interior able to seat 4... I have kids...
    Dash will be rebuild hopefully using stock gauges cause i love that look in a race car!
    I have ordered both under dash and engine harnesses for the car. Yearone / M&H not holding my breath....hahahah :BangHead:
    And lastly I plan on building the full exhaust myself. Headers, flow, mids and dumps. Thankfully I have been working in the after market exhaust industry sense leaving the Marine and I have picked up skills in this area. lol

    The updates may start out slow, due to just moving into a house we just finished rebuilding, and my garage is partly a construction zone, but should be sorted out with in a week. finger crossed...
  2. This is the 5.9 Magnum replacing the wornout 318. 20160802_200836.jpg 20160802_200826.jpg

    As you can see from the pictures my garage is a bit cluttered at the moment...ugh
  3. Very cool story. Keep us posted on your progress, and welcome from Florida.
  4. Welcome,Magnums are fun engine swaps.(FlyinRyan,seems to be the man,with stock ECM's.
  5. It's looking good. I wish my garage was only as cluttered as yours.

  6. Thanks guys

    Ok, update got the car in good enough shape to "drive" her home... purrrrr'd like a angry cat! Ride was like a T-boned Cadillac, and the brakes I haven't found yet.... but she's home...
    FB_IMG_1470457614596.jpg 20160805_185307.jpg

    Another bit of good news is that the throttle body off the magnum is almost a perfect match for the whipple charger mount! :-D
  7. Whipple Charger? Woo hoo!
  8. :rolleyes:
  9. Ok during, between, and after construction of my house I was able to pull apart the 5.9 abit 20160806_184910.jpg 20160806_184919.jpg 20160807_075537.jpg 20160807_104811.jpg to mock up and play with the whipple charger and check my belt alignment. Now just have to take my idea of a intake manifold and make it work.
  10. Surprisingly the ribbed fins in the whipple charger almost match the look of the stock valve covers. Even more surprisingly is that I like it....

  11. Nice. Subscribed.
  12. Wow ok so had a surprising update,
    Got a call from Jay and Evan at Magnum Mopar they are almost finished with my efi harness rebuild. soo stoked, then I got the belt run mocked up looks like if i can make this manifold idea work we will be off to the races.... :-D
    Then I got while watching tv in bed I got an email.... Yearone just shipped out my harness order! HOLEESHIT! Yes both underdash and motor/frontend harness have shipped my way! FTW...

    But i did have one small black mark on my day. Out playing with my car and I seemed to have broke my starter.. oh well I need to buy a new one anyway. I need to get a mini starter to do the magnum swap but I'm not sure which one?

    So my question to you is what the best mini starter for the money and for a magnum swap?
  13. Stock magnum V6 or V8 engine denso starter. These are all over the junkyards . I bought a remanned one off evilbay $39 shipped , no core return.
  14. That is awesome. Wishing you much success with your project.
  15. Awesome I'll look into one of those today.

    Sudo' belt mock up from last night..
    Going to rewire pretty much the whole car thinking I'll relocate the battery
    but I'm a bit worried the PS pump will not work in this location?
    I would love to bring it in closer to the block.... umm

    Also just thinking of ditching the power steering altogether..
  16. Curious to know what your plan is for the intake. Secret?
  17. Btw if you didnt know, the magnum mini starter also fits LA blocks, big blocks, and slantys. Mating flange is the same as the old mopar big monster starters. I have my mini denso attached to a 1974 318 as a wiring mockup, but will be using it with the 360 i plan on building.
  18. Cool thanks, yea i picked up a denso mini starter this morning should be here Monday. It will be doing double duty. I'll be running it on the tired 318 till the 5.9 magnum is ready for swap, then it will live out the rest of it's life on the swap.
  19. Got the new dizzy, crank trigger, and 97 ram ecu in the mail today. Parts are slowly coming together. Should be working on the "Secret" manifold a bit today. Hopefully should have an update on that soon. We'll see :rolleyes:
  20. So I'm sitting here at work and i get a text from my mother in law say this guy stopped by wanting to talk to me. And that he'll be back later.
    Any body know who this car belongs too...

    looks to be a 66 Formula S Green with Gold
  21. HolyCrap! There is a Mopar Gawd, look what i got in the mail today :icon_fU: 20160815_110646.jpg Yep thats right, both under dash and the motor headlight harnesses from YearOne!
    I'm soo excited....

    Also had some time this weekend to work on "other" projects for this build.. top secret ones...:eek:
    20160813_212238.jpg 20160813_211600.jpg 20160813_211551.jpg 20160812_101206.jpg 20160812_101213.jpg

    And I was able to swap out my bad starter for a nice used mini stater I picked up on the cheap.. Boy that thing spins the shit out of that worn out 318...
    (_______) <- insert sinister giggle here.
  22. You don't need the power steering! It'll be great without it.
  23. Yea I've been driving the barracuda with no power steering belt and have come to the same conclusion. I would like to locate a good used non-power steering box and linkage. Anybody interested in a power steering unit from the 65? I have a full stock setup....
  24. No real update today cause of the garage build, except the car tried to killed me today.
    Figured i would drive it into work this morning. At the bottom of my street "bottom of the hill" my drivers side front drum cylinder gave up the ghost and left me without brakes and barreling through a solid red light. Almost T-boned a pickup. Thankfully i was able to pull it to the side of the road and ride the curb to slow me down.
    Thankfully no damage to the car or anyone else. Almost shit myself....
    20160822_201007.jpg 20160823_062702.jpg 20160823_062655.jpg 20160823_065633.jpg 20160823_073845.jpg 20160823_074237.jpg
  25. Nice work!! bro

    And Thank you for your Service
  26. So got home from my business trip this weekend to Madison WI, walk in to my office and there it is waiting for me. My rebuilt Magnum Mopar Efi harness... Sooo excited now. I have all the harnesses now, and the elc stuff needed for this build less the new efi tank/pump and the Flyin Ryan Tune. And my garage will be finished and ready for a major project build this weekend... :rolleyes:
    Anybody got a good used manual steering box for an early A-body they would like to sell? :eek:
  27. Well i finally got the damn garage finished.
    20160906_183455.jpg At last night I started to tear down of the magnum 5.9. All in all the motor looks good, needs to be cleaned. I got a high flow oil pump for it. And It also needs a new rocker bolt for what ever reason. Going to freshin it up a bit and put it back together and finish the supercharger manifold. Before I tear into the car. I will post updates on my manifold build/mod..
  28. Sounds great. Keep us updated
  29. So I had some free time Sunday to take a closer look at the donor 5.9 and I'm glad I did. First thing I did was pull the oil pan to find a clean looking bottom end, Looked real fresh, and had markings of a recent rebuild. I was pretty Jazzed about it till I saw the glimmer of copper in the oil pump pick up.... and my heart sank.. ugh
    So first I pulled a connecting rod bearing from #3 piston rod and I didn't find and thing except the fact that the crank had been turned down .020" ok not too bad I could live with that. Then I pulled the crank center bearing and that's when I realized yep this will be a full rebuild... ugh center bearing was toast and the crank looked like a spoon my 6yr just put in the garbage disposal.
    Best part of the night was I pulled the magnum heads and found both heads looked to be brand new and have no signs of cracks between the valve seats...
    So now I'm on the hunt for a good replacement crank. Anybody know if the magnum 5.9 crank I could buy from them????? :thumbsup:

    20160911_201554.jpg 20160911_200733.jpg 20160911_200755.jpg 20160911_200742.jpg 20160911_183055.jpg 20160911_183106.jpg 20160911_181541.jpg
  30. So after asking a few question on another thread that I started about my crank damage. I may depending on the extent of the damage to this crank I may have it turned under size to save the crank and cost for another + whatever polishing that any need?
    If you have a differing opinions please let me know, because I'm still at the point where i could change my mind if needed and not costing me more time or money...

    IS there any physical difference between the La360 vs. magnum 5.9 Crankshaft???
  31. So had an awesome day today! Got the motor torn down to bare and ready for hot tank.
    But the best part was. I was able to find and and pull from the yard a 46RE from a 98 dodge ram with a 5.9 :-D

    20160923_165857.jpg 20160923_162937.jpg 20160923_165908.jpg 20160923_165923.jpg 20160923_165916.jpg
  32. This thing is gonna be awesome!! If you get the modded intake to work with the whipple I may have to go the same route eventually!

    Also, you may want to check with magnum Mopar about the high volume oil pump, I read in a few different threads recently where they don't recommend them on the magnum motors but that may depend on pan size and the blown setup might make a difference.
  33. Yea I've been reading the same thing and talking to the guys at Bostick racing and kinda got the same vibe.
    I'm going to return the pump this weekend and just get a stock pump. I have the receipt in the box.
    I'm also going to drop the block off for hot tank, cam bearing / Freeze plugs installed. I'm also going to order a new crankshaft this weekend.. Hopefully I can get this damn build bump started and start getting shit done...

    Bostick Racing Engines | Facebook
  34. Oil pump was returned for a stock pump.
    And the crankshaft was ordered. Now just need to sit back and wait till i get my parts.
    Seems like a good time to tackle that damn manifold... lol
  35. Yes! That intake needs to be priority #1!! Broke asses like me wanna see if/how it works and possibly shamelessly copy your work :D
  36. Got the throttle body setup finished and got a few ruff cuts done to the manifold. When i get the runners cut out I'll be able to clean up and polish the inside. The more and more I cut the more and more I think I may have enough room for a internal mounted intercooler. Wouldn't that be trick? :-D
    Sadly I didn't get all the cutting done soon enough. I had to call it a night. Didn't want to piss off the neighbors... lol









  37. Jmo but I would use a different/smaller throttle body, like an oval shaped one or one like from a HEMI. The stock magnum one works good on top with a regular carb style air cleaner but I think it would be a lot cleaner looking with a smaller tb.

    That said, it'd be awesome to be able to get an intercooler in there!!
  38. At the moment Us broke asses have to work with what we got. :D I'm sure down the road after I have it up and running and I start massaging the project for fit and finish I'll upgrade... Right now I just want to get it put together and make sure my idea is usable before modding the "Mod".. :steering:
  39. NIce work!!
  40. LOL! I understand completely! That's just a plate on the back that can be replaced later right?
  41. Well in sorts. It wouldn't be hard to build a replacement block mount or even a SVT style air horn "U-bend" to adapt different style throttle body..
  42. So got my 46re deep pan today and drilled a drain hole. Sadly didn't get a chance to weld it into while at work, Tomorrow i promis.

    But i did get home in time to finish all my rough cuts to the manifold and now working a system to get the inside smooth out. Once thats done well move forward on the SC mount...
    20161003_134000.jpg 20161003_185954.jpg 20161003_185935.jpg 20161003_184707.jpg 20161003_184702.jpg 20161003_184658.jpg
  43. Ok not 5mins after that last post I got a phone call from my local autoparts store letting me know that my Crankshaft was in... HolyCrap 24hr service on crankshafts thats the shit right there...lol So I went and picked that damn thing up.
    I have to say i was very impressed with the crank. Turned .010 under all the way around and matching bearings. 20161003_193839.jpg
  44. Well build has been a bit slow lately, Just been collecting parts. I believe I have everything now to build the motor with exception of the block? Surprisingly my motor shop has been a bit back logged and haven't finished my block prep. No biggy. I was able to finish and clean up the trans. Trying to get it ready for the swap. Replaced the pan, pan gasket, filter, and neutral safety switch. Only thing I don't like about this trans is that is doesn't have a speed sensor on the tail shaft. I really wanted to run the stock MPH gauge. Also this is a 98 trans and I have a 97 harness. guess the speed sensor for a 97 was in the trans and the 98 was in the rearend???? I'm guessing? All my harness plugs match up, with the exception of the speed sensor pigtail cause there is no speed sensor on this trans.. So not a big issue but it looks like i will be on the hunt for a RH duel hole tail shaft with gear drive and center shaft gear to run my stock mph gauge...

    20161016_191230.jpg 20161017_182737.jpg 20161017_182742.jpg 20161017_184636.jpg
  45. So I finally got my block back and promptly chased the threads, honed the sleeves and dropped the pistons in. Camshaft installed and double roller timing chain with tensioner plate. Also got my intake belly plate started, will try and finish it this week. Only issue I had was I was given the wrong rear main seal, But I got it swapped the next day with no issue...
    20161110_140831.jpg 20161110_140838.jpg 20161110_162606.jpg 20161110_175034.jpg 20161110_200413.jpg 20161110_200435.jpg 20161110_200501.jpg 20161110_201236.jpg 20161110_221848.jpg 20161112_153447.jpg 20161112_155546.jpg 20161112_161603.jpg 20161112_153613.jpg 20161112_161603.jpg 20161112_194059.jpg 20161112_164522.jpg 20161113_164509.jpg 20161112_150946.jpg 20161110_213239.jpg 20161110_213305.jpg 20161110_223330.jpg 20161112_151108.jpg

    Many more build photos to come...
  46. Any intake updates? :)
  47. great project , i've got a 64 . planing on old school 340 6pck setup . i think your plenam area is old school , todays are delta shapes , less fuel pooling , not saying it would work , just the delta design is better . still a blown barracuda is wicked .
  48. Oh man it's like Christmas at the shop... Got my Disc brake kit from Magnum Mopar today. Got the 4.5" to match my rear end. now I can finally look at a set of matching wheels... I don't feel like such a bastard child now..lol

    Manifold update: I have the material, I have cleaned out the plenum and finishing up the belly plate tonight. I need to machine / plane the top cut. Once that's finished I can weld the top plate to the manifold, then i can place the Whipple mount plate in the proper position for machining and weld. Once the Whipple plate is welded in place it's pretty much done...


  49. Got my front cover on and water pump mounted, Just awaiting my oil pan and pump pickup...
    Did a bit more mock up of the superduppercharger.. Need to mill the manifold a tad then weld the mount plate...
    Not sure that throttle hat is going to work with a dizzy in place. May have to find a smaller turbo style hat for my intake.. but I'm getting closer..

    20161120_171641.jpg 20161120_171057.jpg 20161120_173000.jpg 20161120_172954.jpg 20161120_173009.jpg
  50. So looks like i screwed the pooch today. ugh
    Almost already to button up the bottomend and drop the new lifters and push rods in.
    Got my pickup tube level and ready to go when i dropped the pan on to test fit for the pickup and damn.... I got the wrong damn pan!?! ahhhhhhhhh

    What gawd damn pan do I need for a magnum 5.9 swap???

    20161124_152958.jpg 20161124_152449.jpg 20161124_152434.jpg
  51. Well thanks to 75slant6 I was able to get the right pan this weekend. I was able to finish up the bottom end as well as get the new roller lifters in. Now all I have to do is finish my manifold. :eek: (don't worry I'll drop the push rods in before I button up the top end)
    I was able to get some time in on the bridge port this weekend and mill/plane the manifold flat I ended up taking alittle more that 3/8" off the manifold. So when all is said and done the highest point of the motor will be 10.750" (throttle body) from the dizzy deck. Making it more than possible for all of this beast to fit under the hood with out issue. I have available 12.5" inches of room at the moment. :thumbsup:
    Today I'll be cutting down the manifold top plate to a workable size and get it prepped for welding. Shouldn't be too long now....

    20161202_120500.jpg 20161202_120505.jpg 20161202_120511.jpg 20161202_133017.jpg 20161202_133031.jpg 20161202_134717.jpg 20161202_100800.jpg 20161202_103657.jpg 20161202_105122.jpg 20161204_153437.jpg 20161204_153451.jpg 20161204_153503.jpg
  52. Cut my manifold top plate down to a usable size and it's dead on. Did some more Mock up work this time fitted the distributor looking for clearance issues and I look like I'm in the clear. Thinking of changing the throttle body hat to a turbo crab hat to kick it out to either side for the cold air and filter. Got measurements for the top plate and for the supercharger adapter plate. Looks like all we need to do now is weld everything up. Then cut the intake holes. Looking to have this manifold finished before the end of the month. I'm going to have to source a larger set of injectors for this and a 3 bar map censor. (I'll get with Ryan on those) But so far soo good. Everything seems to be coming together, slow but I'm seeing progress. As soon as i'm finished with this motor I'll be bringing in the car to the garage and tear it apart. first up for that will be Disc brakes up front and lower pan modification with OD trans fitment. After all that I have some frame stiffening work I'll need to do with the addition of a triangulated 4 link rear end.

    20161206_192225.jpg 20161206_192234.jpg 20161206_193154.jpg 20161206_193200.jpg 20161206_193206.jpg 20161206_192607.jpg 20161206_192623.jpg 20161206_192810.jpg 20161206_192814.jpg 20161206_192841.jpg 20161206_192850.jpg 20161206_192915.jpg s-l500.jpg s-l1600.jpg
  53. Had a nice find this weekend while at the yard. Came a cross a f-upped convert mustang and found a set of wheels under it. Got them for $188.

    20161211_110337.jpg 20161211_115838.jpg 20161211_121300.jpg

    On the way home from the yard I stopped an grabbed some paint stripper hoping to salvage the wheels. Turns out they had been painted with house paint. First with white then black over that...

    Thankfully I was able to remove all the paint to reveal a set of unfinished aluminum. These will look so nice on my build...
  54. Okay so I was out taking measurements to order the spacers needed to fit the wheels to the Barracuda turns out I need 3/4 or 20mm spacers. Not a problem, parts ordered and should have them tomorrow. But while under there something billet and shinny (compared to the rest of the dirty undercarriage) caught my eye...?
    I found about $300 worth of Mallory fuel pump and filter setup under the car..
    Now I'll be pulling this off cause I'm going in-tank 255 Liters Per Hour EFI pump setup for my build so if anybody want this let me know I'll let it go for a reasonable price. I will of coarse clean it an check to make sure it all still works.
    Let me know if your interested.
    The pump is a 110 CompPump
    And the filter is a 140 CompFilter
    MSD Ignition 29247: Mallory Fuel Filter and Housing Comp 140 | JEGS

    20161213_181559.jpg 20161213_181612.jpg 20161213_183316.jpg 20161213_183348.jpg
  55. So I finally was able to get the right thickness spacers for the rear of the Barracuda to fit my new wheels with 255/40r17
    tires which now fit so damn well... I ended up needing a 1.5" spacer. I'll post pictures of the fitment later.
    I was also able to order from Magnum Mopar a new EFI tank with efi pump and sending unit... Soo stoked..

    Now that the holidays are done and gone, and almost finished with the house I can now get back to my car.
    I was able to find the needed router bit to clean up my belly plate for my manifold. This was the first time I have tried this with a wood router and it worked fabulously. I will be doing this more in the future for sure...
    20170103_190631.jpg 20170103_190646.jpg 20170103_190637.jpg 20170103_194025.jpg

    I also have to do another cut to my top plate before welding ugh... slowly getting there...
  56. Awesome build, I love the fact you made that intake manifold and can't wait to see how she works.
    You do some, great work...
  57. Got the top plate setup for the last cut before weld. I have to cut the edge back by a 16th to and 8th of an inch so i can get a corner weld for the plate to the manifold. Stronger weld than a butt weld. Ran out of time tonight so I'll cut tomorrow and hopefully have the first plate welded next week. 20170104_212142_001.jpg 20170104_212154.jpg
  58. 20170105_211823.jpg
  59. So rolled into work this morning and I was greeted by all the fittings needed, Ls filter/regulator, and a new EFI fuel tank with sending unit and hiflow pump from Magnum Mopar
    I now have everything to do a full efi swap to the car. I'll post up pictures later when I get home...
    This was the last of the motor parts i needed for this build barring a few minor things like injectors, hoses
    Also need to install a 2bar map sensor on the manifold side.
    Now I can start getting chase parts.
    sub-frame connectors
    Tri 4 link I plan on building
    bigger torsion bars
    torque boxes and so on...
  60. Quick little update, I was able to find and purchase a 65 date code manual steering box with pitman arm and steering coupler
    Thank to Ranys4406 (Randy)

    Anybody need a full power steering setup from a 65?
  61. So this was dropped off at my desk today...! Thanks Randy
    I have a Manual Adapter coming from phish1270 in the mail should have it tomorrow.... 20170119_090118.jpg 20170115_132728.jpg
  62. Wow Sorry for being dormant, life has a funny way of getting in the way.
    Hey house is done! Did a ton of business travailing ugh, Was hit pretty bad while in my Dodge truck :-( sadly it didn't make it....
    Bought a 72 GMC C2500 402 w/ th400 as a replacement. Then lowered it B-)

    In the mean time I haven't touched the poor old Barracuda. But I did order the tri4 link kit for the rear. Confirmed I have a 8.25 rear and not a 7.25.. It is a posi or trulock diff from a 72 or newer. Gearing I'm still not sure about.
    Got a ton of hard to find parts for bmw on ebay. As soon as they sell. I'll be investing in a Qa1 front end and US Car Tool sub frame parts...
  63. I like the custom intake. This is being done in true old skool hot rodder fashion. Cant find what you need, then make what you need. Very cool.
  64. So this weekend I ordered up a set of US car tool Sub frame connectors, also picked up a new welder for the project yesterday... and snagged a bottle from work for it today. 20170529_182019.jpg
  65. You have to let us know how well it works. I have an older weldpak 100 similar to the one you have in the backround with a mig kit on it. That one works good for me.
  66. I also have one like the one it the background, my wire feed stoped working last week on it though, relay clicks but the feed wheel won't turn. Need to take it in and get it checked out I guess
  67. US car tool Sub frame Connectors arrived today.
    Also was able to pickup OBD2 efi parts in needed at the yard.
    Hopefully we'll get the car in the garage this weekend...

  68. Well had some good Progress this weekend. Got my 220v ran in to the garage for the welder and cleaned the shop enough to get the Barracuda in... Wohoo..

    20170604_185544.jpg 20170604_192414.jpg 20170604_192426.jpg
    This is my Gasser Pose... :p
  69. Ugh.. Just ordered a set of QA1 lower control arms. Boy I hope they are worth the money :mad:....
  70. You could've given em my address. I'd be happy to run them and then tell you wether they're worth it or not. Lol
  71. Anybody want a 904? I'm guessing its a 904 maybe a 727.... Regardless I pulling the tranny out in the next day or two and It's free to anyone who wants it, but I an't shipping it... Local pickup is welcome..

    I'll also have this 318 available for local pick up soon. Just need it long enough to mock up my trans tunnel and mounts for the 46Re. Once that's done I'm 86'ing this 318...

    If you want either of them or both contact me and we'll set something up

    *Note* Exhaust manifold I'm keeping, and I think the power steering pump, brackets, and box are already accounted for...

  72. Damn Summit! Next Day Service.... good on yea...

  73. Damn summit is right!! They sent my parts to the wrong address again!!:BangHead::mad:
  74. FYI, if you ever need anymore QA1 suspension parts, speedwaymotors.com has the cheapest prices I've found. And like summit, any purchase over $100 has free shipping.
  75. So last night I jacked the car up and cut all the exhaust off. Ditch that lame crap...
    Removed the manifolds and all.. Surprised everything came out without issue. except the passenger side manifold has been hacked on.. ugh so I may be on the hunt for another or bite the bullet and build my own..
    *Side note Q&A
    - I'm not quite sold on the "hot rod" sounds, I would really like to have a different sound from everyone else. So I was thinking of running a Y pipe style exhaust @ 3.5" with a single center mounted race muffler with single dump out passed the diff... maybe!?!?
    - Now this would all be custom mandrill bent stainless tubing, Custom formed collector at the Y and custom race muffler and flow pipes...

    Had a bit of free time last night before putting my boy to bed, so I used the lumpy shit of a 318 to mock up my intake and Whipple charger. just checking fitment and clearance under the hood. I'm soo proud to say everything fit soo nice and tiddly. I have a ton of room to work with if needed... I was on cloud 9 after that last night...
    This also means I can finally finish this manifold so its off to sand blast on Friday before welding ;-)

    20170605_201426.jpg 20170606_200901.jpg 20170606_195531.jpg 20170606_200908.jpg 20170606_195516.jpg
    This is a shot with the hood closed fully. Even at this angle you can see I have about .5" to 3/4" from the hood rib or support, and a ton of room over the pulley snout, with gobs of room around the throttle body area towards the rear of the SC body...
  76. Umm...

    Wire we doing this?
    20170602_151317 (1).jpg

    Hey you! Cut that shit out!

  77. So Friday I had a chance to sand blast the manifold before I weld it up. It came out pretty nice.
    Then before I took of for the weekend I was able to swap out the manifolds on the Shoptruck. Damn talk about an unbelievable change in performance! The Shoptruck is now the Dragtruck... :eek:
    Also siphoned out the gas out of the barracuda tank... That carp was dirty. 20170609_153345.jpg 20170609_094007.jpg 20170609_100606.jpg 20170609_100600.jpg 20170609_153400.jpg 20170609_165515.jpg 20170609_213628.jpg
  78. C/10 or C/20. Love the big block in it. I had a 71 C/10 myself years ago. Always loved those trucks.
  79. 72 GMC C2500 with a 402, Th400 lowreded. It's a good truck But it aint my Dodge D200 :(

    Edit: It now has a Blueprint 454 long block... :)
  80. So I'm back from my vacation!
    Got started on the Barracuda as soon as I was back. Removed the interior seats, carpet, ect. cleaned it all up so I wouldn't light it on fire while welding the sup frame connectors. Had to do a minor bit of trimming to get the drivers side to fit right. I also learned why i was able to get them for such a good price from US car tool. Turns out my set must have been bent by the new guy. My Left on fits on the passenger side and my Right only fits the drivers side... lol Other than that these things are awesome!

    Next it was able to remove the gas tank which surprisingly wasn't that hard even half full...
    Then I removed the rear shocks and replaced them with home made struts, so i can adjust the ride height and get it where I want it before tacking on the 4 link.

    Also I'll be pulling out the 904 here in a day or two anybody want it? I pulled the pan and it look pretty clean.













  81. Last night I was able to scrape off the undercoating on the passenger side. Tonight I'll strip the paint and Weld in the passenger side sub frame connector! Then we can drop the trans and start making previsions to fit the fat 46re

    20170626_203631.jpg 20170626_203638.jpg
  82. So Got as far as having everything ready to weld last night and then found out I was out of gas... ugh
    I forgot to close the gas valve after the last time I used it last :BangHead:
    But as i said i was able to get everything prepped and ready. So unless I can get my bottle filled today I'll be pulling the transmission and power steering unit stuff... today and tomorrow

    20170627_194128.jpg 20170627_194143.jpg 20170627_194156.jpg

    In this pictures you can see to the right of the subframe connector it has a large capital "L" laser cut into the part. lol This is the right side of the car and it only fits the right side. I did everything I could to get it to fit the left side, after pissing myself off a few time i gave up. After 20yr of R&D and Management in automotive and motorcycle after market product manufacturing and some deductive reasoning I came to the realization that this was the mistake of the press brake operator.. Must have been Beer:30 in Friday... lol

  83. Didn't get anything done last night, I crapped out and sat on the couch with the wife and kid...
    I did get the bottle filled though.... A full bottle is a happy bottle..


    Also was able to order a new tail housing for the 46RE that will allow me to run both the speed sensor and the speedo cable on a later model 46re...
    This will allow me to run both the stock speedo gauge and also all the elc plugin's need for the computer and tuning :steering:

  84. Happy 4th of July to everyone! Hope you all had a Great Holiday!
    This weekend I was able to button up the Sub-frame connectors and drop out the transmission.
    Looks like I'm going to have a hell of a time getting my new trans to fit... lol
    Also the 904 was picked up so it's gone... I still have a 318 if anybody want it?
    going on another trip tomorrow and will be back around the 11th hopefully I'll be able to tackle the power steering removal and the trans tunnel... ugh

    20170630_123548.jpg 20170630_194618.jpg 20170630_194632.jpg
    Added these pictures for perspective of the job ahead of me. Replacing the 904 with the much larger and beefer 46RE

    20170629_211918.jpg 20170629_211937.jpg 20170629_212004.jpg 20170629_212308.jpg

    I also had a visitor this weekend. A 1966 Barracuda dropped by to see my progress. The owner is not a member, the car is a one owner car bought early in 67 by his wife the year before they married. It was originally a 273 single barrel, auto. But has been "upgraded" over time. The car now has racing stripe and a 78 360ci in it now. It's still sporting the OG 904 and 7.25" rear end
    All around nice car well taken care of. Rides way to High for me....

    20170630_101914.jpg 20170630_101950.jpg 20170630_102138.jpg 20170630_102416.jpg 20170630_102536.jpg
  85. Okay, so I'm back for at least a month.
    Came home to find waiting for me was my new 46re tail section.
    Also crawled under the car with the new section to check fitment. Oh man do i have a ball buster of a job in front of me. There is going to be a ton more beating, hammering, cutting, and welding to get this trans (square peg) in the tiny 904 (round hole) tunnel... Well guess I'm the Monkey to do it. Just ordered a bigger hammer.... lol
    20170711_214811.jpg 20170711_214818.jpg 20170711_214834.jpg 20170711_214840.jpg 20170711_214846.jpg 20170711_214911.jpg
  86. SO... In a fit of rage and hung over from a food comma thanks to lunch, I bought QA1 upper control arms for the project. Only issue now is I have to go home and face the wife... :mad:
  87. Hey what do you guy think of the PST 1.03 torsion bars...?
  88. So a few days ago I tried aligning the motor in the engine bay so I can have proper placement, to insure proper placement of the transmission during mock-up. Come to find out some one dropped this 318 in and used "truck" motor mounts and thick rubber Puck mounts. making this engine sit way to high in the bay. So I ordered the correct mounts to bolt in a 360 (received these in the mail last night) but this meant I wasn't able to start my trans tunnel surgery. Which ended up being okay, because I crazy busy and haven't touched the car in 5-6 days.
    I was able to get some cool stuff bought and sent out my way. Last night I got my QA1 upper a arms and I can't wait to install all this stuff.... drooling.
    I was also able to locate a Fastman 52mm throttle body for very cheap, which I also got last night
    I also ordered PST 1.3 torsion bars for the car and an OEM cable center console gear selector. Hopefully have them soon :rolleyes:

    20170719_195838.jpg 20170719_195847.jpg 20170719_195654.jpg
  89. So I got my PST torsion bars a couple days ago. And I also got my Console/shifter for the car I'm soo excited about this part... It's just soo damn cool... hahaha
    Then on the drive home I started to hear a strange knock from the shop truck motor... then I lost half my oil pressure. The poor old 402 motor is dying a slow death, just hoping it will make it till Friday morning when I can swap it out with a 454 long block.... ugh

    20170724_075546.jpg 20170724_210520.jpg 20170724_210532.jpg 20170724_210542.jpg 20170724_211452.jpg 20170724_211506.jpg 20170721_095838.jpg 20170725_192943.jpg
  90. Small update. Not much has happened to the Barracuda itself, I've been stupid busy and between the truck motor swap, kids, wife, house, and job I haven't much time for myself or the project..
    But I was able to sneak some time in to further along the engine build. I was able to do the final machining/cut to the manifold plate. Now we're off to welding, in the mean time I plan on rebuilding the Whipple.

  91. Motors gone!

    20170909_111315.jpg 20170909_104723.jpg
  92. So Motors out now. So working the trans tunnel.. Hammering the shit out of the seem weld first. then I'll be crawling under it to cut out the frame cross brace. then I'll roll the big damn trans under there to start another round or Hammering the shit out of everything...
    But first I'll drop it on the ground for some cool pic's lol

    20170909_110634.jpg 20170909_114046.jpg 20170909_114358.jpg 20170909_114207.jpg 20170909_124258.jpg 20170909_124311.jpg
  93. So i cut out the cross brace and massaged the trans tunnel to fit the over drive unit. Surprisingly it didn't take much work to get the OD unit to fit all nice and snug.
    I had to shave some of the webbing and casting of the OD unit itself and then hammer the tunnel right in line with the stock brace, but only on the sides to get it to fit deep inside the tunnel.
    much higher than the stock trans. That means I'll be able to form and install a flat cross brace replacement and weld it in and still have a fair amount of gap between the two.
    Now all i have to do is make a templet for the brace and build it. so far so good...

    20170909_142906.jpg 20170909_142941.jpg 20170909_152317.jpg 20170909_164459.jpg 20170909_164511.jpg 20170909_154740.jpg 20170909_154754.jpg 20170909_154810.jpg
  94. Got a chance to pull the OD unit of my trans and mock up the new and trimmed housing. Going to mock it up with the motor tonight and try and shoehorn it in so I can start working on the cross member and building a trans mount. I have a press but i don't have the tools needed for swapping out the out put shaft. The od planetary has a freaking 900lb spring holding the clutches together. Can you say "Aluminum Grenade" yea I ain't playing with that. Sadly I need to swap that out to run a cable drive speed-o. I'm debating on weather to have the whole trans rebuilt "a refresh" at the same time? the first set of clutches I pulled out looked really nice and super clean...

    20170913_192005.jpg 20170913_192013.jpg 20170913_182848.jpg
  95. Super Busy this weekend, Had a booth at the Sand Sports Super Show this weekend. But was able to get finished up with everything and home yesterday around 8pm last night. I was itching all weekend to spend some time in the garage with the barracuda. So i took a few hours after the show to bolt up the 46RE transmission and motor mounts (which I ended up swapping the rubber mount from side to side) to get it to sit right in the bay. And shoe horned the motor and trans in the car for fitment. Seemed to go in and fit well. Tonight I'll raise the car up so I can slide under and see what I may have to massage and get an Idea of the room I'll be working with for the cross member. One thing I did notice is that the trans pan is much deeper that the 904 or 727 and it hangs quite low. I'll post more pictures of the fitment and changes needed to make this work in the days to follow. For now here is what I did last night. Pretty happy with myself and the build so far... lol :rolleyes:

    20170917_193253.jpg 20170917_193303.jpg 20170917_194515.jpg 20170917_200007.jpg
    IF you noticed in these two pictures below the rubber puck mounts. The thicker of the two is now on the drivers side, and the thin one is on the passenger side. If much better swapped...
    20170917_200013.jpg 20170917_200019.jpg
    In the pic below. I took this pic with the trans lowered so i could get my alignment mark in the picture. But when raised the trans sinks right up inside the tunnel nicely. I'll post raised trans pic's in the next few days..
    This is the upper trans tunnel gap i have when the trans is raised into place.
  96. So crawled under the car last night and only saw one spot that I need to pound out at moment the transmission seems to have a ton of wiggle room. I'm quite pleased. I have plenty of room for a cross brace and trans mount. So next I'm going to pull the motor back out, pound that spot out more in the tunnel. Then put it back in and make sure everything fit as it should be. Take pictures, mark everything, then pull it back out and build the cross brace. Then put it back in to build the trans mount. Once that's don't I can finally get my pinon angle needed from the trans mission, then I can start the four link in the rear... All sounds fun right!?! :realcrazy:

    Pan hangs low...


    Need to pound this out a bit for a better fit

    I need a 29 tooth speedo drive for the a Cable drive A518
  97. Got a chance to do some work on the trans tunnel last night. I was able to get it to fit to my liking.
    I was able to set the trans in a good position about 2* out from the diff pinion angle. Average needed for suspension flex is 3*. When I do the 4link I'll be able to adjust for the difference.
    So I have the motor and trans in position to start building the trans mount. Which I plan on starting tonight. once that's finished then I'll drop the trans and build the crossmember upper hoop. So Far So Good...
    This wasn't as bad as all of the internet gossip I have read about the dreaded 46RE/RH swaps. Hardest part was building up the nerve to cut the crossmember.
    If you take a look at the pictures below I have quite a bit of open space and room for the movement of the trans while under load or torque.

    20170925_200009.jpg 20170925_195958.jpg 20170925_200017.jpg 20170925_200102.jpg 20170925_195442.jpg 20170925_195342.jpg 20170925_195351.jpg 20170925_195358.jpg 20170925_195221.jpg 20170925_195250.jpg 20170925_195408.jpg
  98. So I have been searching for the best solution for headers or manifolds. But i just can't see slapping on a set of stocker manifolds onto this build.. ugh So that's out.
    I've been on the hunt and I looked at hookers but screw cutting my fender wells. And I looked at TTI and wasn't too impressed but...
    Then I found Doug's read some good things as well as bad but out of them all these seemed to be the best "fit" no pun intended for my build... Then I noticed in small print "does not fit with 727" Which mean will not fit the 46re either Fuuuuuck....
    Back to square one... Okay lay it on me Layson/Spitfire... I can make these work but fuck they are ugly. Also performance, I haven't found anybody that said anything about it other than the Layson's website. Surprisingly it's hard to find any real info from customers who have these (Layson) not spitfire.
    Anybody got an opinion on this subject, lets here it...
  99. Crawled under the car and mounted the chevy rubber trans mount, then made template. Many templates... Got frustrated and couldn't build with my hands what my minds eye sees.. ugh :BangHead:
    This morning still overly thinking the mount build, but set on using one template for the forward facing plate of the mount ( I was thinking of boxing the trans mount to not only hold the trans but to also add the lost rigidity of the cut out crossmember hoop) that i will be replacing also. About a hour into swearing on the shop floor :mad: at work an employee who runs the cnc bender hands me this and smirks... lol Someone's getting a Christmas bottle of Jack! :D

    Now I just need to make it fit around my speed sensor.... ugh

    20170926_181707.jpg 20170926_185754.jpg 20170927_073333.jpg 20170927_073339.jpg 20170927_073328.jpg