[FOR SALE] 1966 Dodge Dart GT Project

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    The car was complete when acquired and all parts go with the sale.
    The body is rust free and was meticulously prepared for and painted by Austin Riddle, of Tacoma, WA. Color is Le Mans Sunset.

    The original 4 bbl, solid lifter, 273, is completely rebuilt and long blocked with .030 over pistons, all new valves, springs, seats, Comp Cams kit ETC. Machine work by Cope Bros.

    The automatic transmission was cleaned but as yet hasn't been serviced.

    All the trim is there, some in nice condition, some will need work. Side glass is good as is the rear. The rear isn't installed. The windshield was discarded.

    Upholstery restoration has not been started.

    A new gas tank, still in the box is included.

    The car is currently on the lift and in work to return to roller status. If a purchaser would like to take the opportunity at this stage to install their own preferred rear end / front end set up, the lift and shop could be made available to do so.

    At this point I am asking for offers against investment, as completion on my timeline looks doubtful.

    Any sale must include all the parts, the complete car.


    Dart 1.jpg

    Dart 2.jpg

    Dart 3.jpg

    Dart 4.jpg

    Dart 12.jpg

    Dart 6.jpg

    Dart 14.jpg

    Dart 20.jpg

    Dart 17.jpg

    Dart 9.jpg
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