1968 Barracuda - Let it begin (the last build!)

Looking good Jeff!!!

Did you select the specific paint color yet? I know green but I may have missed it if you told everyone the final decision… course you may be keeping it secret :)

heard anything on your Alterktion?
im like 11 weeks in and still patiently waiting… this everything on backorder sucks for sure
Haven't nailed down the EXACT green yet......
Alterkation says middle to the end of October delivery. ...
Even my Classic Auto Air is on back order!

I didn't read all the posts, but it looks like a nice ride in the making. Fuel injection and an overdrive transmission are essential items in a must have list of modernizing our older Mopars. Leave them out, and it's no bueno.
Just going through some changes...
I'll be back on it soon.....