1971 Duster, Granny Special

Update...got the interior almost whipped minus a couple small parts im waiting on!!!






Haven't made much in the way of updates, Nothing photo worthy has gotten completed, alot of buttoning small things up, collecting parts, ordering parts, ext.

Spent about 2000$ On stuff last week including Dougs long tube headers, alternator, water pump, engine drive accessories, radiator, hoses, t-stat, distributor ext.

As of today the motor is 90% Buttoned up and almost ready to drop in, and the brake system is fully installed, lines and all, and bled.

Next on my list is buttoning up the motor 100% and installing fuel lines.
Ok, time for a BIG update, first off, i went to install new fuel lines yesterday, and after removing the old ones, i dropped the gas tank, it looked pretty clean on the outside....but on the inside it had at least 10 pounds of chunks of rust sand and debris inside, i pulled the sending unit and it disintegrated instantly....woulda been a major setback if it wasnt for the fact that i ordered a brand new tank and sender from Tanks inc. and had it the day after i ordered it!

Part 2 of todays big update....Motor and header install VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!

Went off absolutely without a hitch, no issues, no missing parts, no bullshit.

I am Stoked.

I highly reccomend the Mancini racing 360 motor mounts, as well as Dougs Long tube headers.

Install was a breeze and i didnt have to pass my steering linkage stuff through them.





Making some progress, Engine bay is getting wired up, routed, and loomed. Still got a few things to run but its getting there. Then on to radiator and cooling hoses ext.

Some Big progress today, I put the front bumper, grill, and headlight buckets in!

Engine bay still needs lower radiator hose, alternator wires, and battery cables/grounds hooked up but were getting very close now.








Little bit of a 6month time lapse.... Almost ready to install transmission, driveshaft, starter ext, and on to First Test fire.

Part 1.jpg

Part 2.jpg

Part 3.jpg
My goodness you showoff ;)
I've been watching and you are doing great.
Like the time-line pics too.
Keep it going, great job.
My goodness you showoff ;)
I've been watching and you are doing great.
Like the time-line pics too.
Keep it going, great job.
thanks.....had alot of help from folks here answering my stupid ?s while im trying to learn.
Off to my buddies shop with the fancy car lift for transmission and driveshaft installation, undercoating, and buttoning up some small underside stuff.




Got the transmission and lines in, shifter linkage hooked up, fuel lines all ran, radiator hoses in, the whole underside undercoated, and some other odds and ends using my buddies lift.

Got it back to my shop, and did some more interior work. Getting really close to test fire now.

Need a carburetor and a longer coil wire.




Just read through your whole thread. Nice work! I also dig the block wall graffiti garage- puts me in mind of the shop at my first house. It was way smaller than yours, but I miss it.
You did an amazing job in such a short amount of time!

I could only wish mine will move that quickly.

I did have some questions on the dash. I saw the hot rod black but which white and silver paint pens did you use?

No :/ been alot of problems. Will be a big update when/if i do.
First successful test fire....still sorting some carb and wiring issues but we have a clear path of attack now.

With some help from members, the wiring is finalized and the motor fires up and stays running like its supposed to!!!

We put the car on jack stands today to test the transmission by putting it in park, reverse, neutral, and drive.

Everything seems to be working as it should.

Next step, im waiting on a throttle cable to arrive so i can install the carb bracket, transmission kickdown cable, and throttle cable/return springs.

Once that's done, we can finally do a little test drive around the Neighborhood!!!

If all goes well on test drive, Hood can go back on, and then i can drive it to the shop for exhaust.

Once exhaust is done there' some house keeping issues to sort out.

1- The oil Pan leaks a couple drops of oil every time you run it. It will need to be put up on the lift and I'm gnna try to pinpoint wheres its coming out and silicone it up.

2- The Water neck keeps leaking a few drops, Knew this was going to be an issue, the thermostat and housing fit the intake very poorly and no combination of gaskets is ever going to make it seal. Have to buy a new one.

3- Leaking brake lines, again, just a couple drops, but it Needs to be fixed. Im not sure what to do, its a BRAND NEW brake line kit and apparently they are trash. They all leak right where they screw into the fittings.

4- Not really mandatory, but I have a brand new headliner that needs installed.
no posts in a while, been dealing with a bunch of issues that were created by a bad carburetor someone sold me.

That being said, Ive had several successful test drives now, and everything is working correctly for the most part.

Now that i know motor/trans wont be coming back out, i went ahead and mounted the dual hood scoops, and will be reinstalling the hood monday.

Once the hood is on ill make an appointment to get the exhaust installed, and then get it in for a front end alignment.

Once that's done i have a short list of bugs to work out.

Autometer Speedo Needs Calibrated.

Two brake lines keep leaking a small amount of fluid at the proportioning valve fitting juncture despite being brand new.

I want to install a manual choke, never liked electrical. I have the kit, just need to do it.

Plug wires need loomed and cleaned up.

Car still needs a headliner installed but I don't want to be the one to do it...so looking for a shop that will do that.





Time to drive the wheels off it.
Getting little build gremlins and minor issues sorted. Exhaust sounds amazing.

Super super super quiet inside the car, all you can hear is the wind.

Nice rumble on the outside, getting alot of compliments everywhere i go <3