1972 Demon 340 Fender Emblems


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Jan 19, 2005
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Rome, PA
I am looking for the correct measurements to mount the "Demon 340" emblems on my '72 Demon fenders. I had to replace my fenders and now I want to drill the holes for the emblems. I can measure for the "Demon" emblem from my old fenders, so really I only would need measurements for the "340" emblem. If anyone could measure for me from there car or have a fender with holes that they could measure it would be greatly appreciated. Any pics. you might have to would be great! Thanks.

Here the emblems I have.

It's not a very good picture, but it shows the placement.

My 72 340 Demon is a current project and the emblems are off right now. I will take a piece of paper and cut it for the fender shape and mark the holes on it for you. I will then scan it and attach it to this thread tomorrow. You will then be able to download, cut print and use for your fender. You should be able use the template on both fenders.

Could anyone please tell me where to find 1972 Demon 340 fender emblems ? I am looking for the exact same package as this thread shows. You can also email me at turbotmike@msn.com
Thanks Mike.