[SOLD] 1973 AMC Javelin

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    Jan 24, 2017
    Staten Island N.Y.
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    Solid project car, opened engine looks like previous flood car. Have mechanic lien paperwork to register for title.
    Not getting to this anytime soon as is $2,000 located in Staten Island, NY
    HAS 360 amc engine in it seized.
    AF71DF2C-F12A-41E9-96C4-6FED964C7831.jpeg 337EB3E0-3472-4984-A1FA-0BF94F95A453.jpeg B7213DB1-731F-4513-AB26-AB919C34F362.jpeg AF8EDABB-7E88-49AF-94B2-6C4412C15406.jpeg 33C37830-52E0-4F40-ACC9-5E6DABE7665D.jpeg 04799529-BEF1-4263-89DE-3A6622F6822E.jpeg AC7E0F15-416C-4ACE-9A96-6AAA6507FB0A.jpeg 55B03D21-6E9C-4E38-88FB-1D1513D9AD9B.jpeg
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