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1973 Duster Build

  1. Yes, I did. Ok so I got a sad state of a car from a guy selling a 1973 Duster here in NC, no title. So a parts car. He planned to drag race it, but there was this circumstance known as life and responsibility so there I was. The car came with two 1974 440s as well and assorted randomness like slant six Torsion bars, giant rear rallye wheels, a V8 K member, and a good fender, a small block trans. I am sure I am forgetting something. The car surprisingly had a pile of stuff I could use elsewhere. So here is what I did. Sent one of the 440s to the machine shop to get in line with some .030 KB pistons that came in the hoard. I picked out a nice 440 steel crank drilled for a 4 speed on that motor as well. That will help me empty my storage unit of 440 build items I have stashing and when I sell it it will fund this 73.....well not this one, but another one that will come along shortly. The other 440 is supposedly fresh, but I truly don't believe that at all so I will just tear it down another day....

    I still think it's funny that primer black remains the cover up choice of paint. One insane thing about this car is that the interior plastic was mint. So I spent the day disassembling the car, pulling the motor, and a pile of other stuff.




  2. Hope you didn't pay a lot?
  3. Sure does look like a nice parts car! :thumbsup:
  4. For the parts car I paid $500. I would venture to say someone would charge me that much for the black interior. The doors are solid...lol

    For the car that will be built I put down a deposit. Not going to post any pics of it until I am paid in full. Trust me, it is in waaaay nicer shape. Crazy enough, everything it needs is on the parts car.
  5. So now the better half....got my ducks in a row and paid in full to JDMopar for a great base with a clean title. Things I am certain of....this car will be blue with a black interior. The rest is a matter of uncertainty. Parts car gave up a complete black interior and various knick knacks. Car is solid except for pans and a spot in the trunk. Little stuff here and there. Like all these damn machines, wiper pivot seals are shot and I will reset window glass when I get to that point.

    Driveline....I have 440 motors coming out my butt, the. There is a 400 left, then a 360 that can be beefed up, a 360 I can put that nasty tunnel ram on and poke it through the hood, and a local Dart Sport hiding in a crusty state with a 340, auto, 8 3/4 rear....

    Me thinks something new, something different



  6. Ya know......that thing shines pretty good after the 6 inches of rain that fell in about 5 minutes! LOL
  7. Yeah. It poured for sure. A little grinder work to get the old paint off is in order. Maybe a soda blast on this one?
  8. Well I got the entire interior plastic cleaned. Blasted and painted the headliner trim in satin black. What's funny is I told the guy doing the interior that I had another car to do if he did good work and was timely. He is officially 6 weeks behind, I don't call that timely so I will find someone else for this one.



  9. I forgot to tell you.....unfold the back seat, and there are some interior trim pieces hidden with the folded down seat. I did that at the Mopar Nationals to keep the stuff that was loose from growing legs and walking away....lol.
  10. Lol...treasures inside....spent the day sand blasting and painting. 2 sets of pulleys, a k frame, bunch of brackets. Some days are just that way..
  11. Ok finally finished the interior plastic for the car. Couple hours cleaning. Paint prep then a bit of satin black to brighten it up. Got my parts grill apart. Spent a few hours cleaning it up. 1000 grit wet sand on the bezels, banged out a few dings. Pulled the trim panel and gave it the same treatment. Got my parts grill from the storage to repair the one broken slat. Had time to put a couple coats of chrome on the pieces. A wet sand and another few coats and good to go. Then on to the grill....





  12. Well what the hell, while we are patching metal in the trunk, why don't we just minitub this beast while we're at it.

  13. Started some cleaning and detailing on the steering wheel for this thing!



  14. Start one more project and we're going to need to have an intervention my friend....
  15. It’s funny you should say that. My new job has me working a lot. Traveling a bunch too. I have spent at least two weeks away for the last 4 months and I get up at 445 and get home around 530 every day. It means that I am using all my free time to build the cars. I’m going to have to find a new balance. That is either going to come in the form of me paying for more to be done or doing it slower. I literally spent an entire day at the shop before I left on this trip cleaning engine parts, sand blasting, and diddling with that column. I really am not worried on this car because it is dead last in line, however, I am on the clock to have to move in under 2 years and that is about as fast as I could get a car done on my budget.
  16. Well been out of town a few weeks. Nothing done to speak of. Machine shop that had another one of my blocks had it a .030 over with the crank and mains at standard. Ordered a set of KB 107 pistons to get something with a pump gas friendly compression. May put that motor in this car or sell it outright when it is done. I have the 360 for the Dart together and it will get fired soon and installed. I have another 360 block that I could stroke and a pile of B and RB motors for this. Will turn attention to the 72 for a bit first.
  17. The interior plastic parts look great. What did you paint them with? I've got some windlace and also headliner trim to clean up and paint.


  18. Rustoleum Satin. They used to have a paint for plastic but I couldn’t find it. I used that on my 74. This stuff says you can use it on any surface. Just got the pistons, rings, and everything else but the carb for the motor.....nothing like a quick grand spent just like that.
  19. Ok. KB107 pistons on the way for a 360 at the machine shop. Motor ended up .030 over standard crank and main. Had this lunati cam on the shelf with matching lifters. Have a set of 1.5 roller rockers and dropped a pile on all new components for motor. I may end up just building the 318 in the car, but in the meantime, this motor is a contender or for sale. 2 intakes to choose from. Edelbrock RPM Air Gap and an offenhauser 360 Power port dual 4bbl set up.....hmmmm

    View attachment 1715102901

    View attachment 1715102903

    View attachment 1715102935

  20. Dropped off everything including the Air Gap intake to the machine shop. Heads are underway and block as close to done.



  21. is that casting flash I see around those lifter galleys?......lets get that removed riki-tiki!
  22. Funny as hell. When I took the pic I walked away thinking. Denny is gonna see that too! Too funny
  23. details....all about the details.

    busting balls is fun too :)
  24. Lol....we will see how things go with selling the 74 and possibly the 72 Duster. Might like to throw a small block HDK set up under this car.
  25. keep me posted....you would qualify for the "return customer discount"
  26. Will do. I think I will head that direction, just a matter of time and getting some other stuff moved along first. I should be getting the interior for the 72 Duster back this weekend so I can get that car back together.
  27. Well I asked my wife to repair the grille. In my opinion, she killed it. Now I just need to sand a bit and get some fresh paint put on.

  28. I agree....she killed it! Graveyard dead...lol. I had to blow the pic up to figure out where. :thumbsup:
  29. Yeah. If I didn’t know it wouldn’t even be noticed. I told her once I paint it it will be invisible. I was trying to figure out how that grille was originally painted. When I look at it it looks silver with black accents and black back. Now she has to redo the lettering in the header panel.
  30. Sanded, cleaned, sanded and cleaned some more. Prepped and painted back of grille as it appeared to be solid black from the factory. Once it dries I will flip and shoot the header panel. Then the taping begins to isolate the silver to spray on. Enough for today....




  31. Ok. Had time to hit the front parts that are to be black. Just set the header panel on to see the contrast. Anyone know if they make those letters in a decal? Otherwise, wifey gets the task of painting them back on?

  32. Well, she is in line...next up stuff. Need a grille or parts grille to repair.




  33. I thought you were gonna sell that one. Decide to re-do it?
  34. Yes. They will both be for sale....just realized and not the 72...tired I suppose...lol
  35. Made some more progress on the grille.

  36. Wow....that looks nice! Is that the one that was on the car, or the one from the parts car?
  37. One from the parts car. I figured I can get it done in my spare time (whatever that is) and then bubble wrap it up until I get to that on the car. Used a Rustoleum Chrome spray. Need to let it cure and touch up the black back side, reinstall header panel piece and black out the lettering and it will be done.
  38. 360 going together for this car....maybe sell it. This car will take a back seat until the 72 Duster and the 74 find new homes. Have a 440 running for sale and a very nice 360 as well. This motor is fitted with a Lunati Streetmaster 494/513 cam and will be mated to a 904. Went with KB 107 pistons and an RPM Air Gap Intake. Assembly getting balanced this week....still have the dual quad set up and a set of roller lifters and roller rockers to build a full roller dual 4bbl set up with my last 360 block...decisions






  39. This picture is for HemiDenny! Hard to tell buddy....but the casting shmeg is gone.....lol

  40. POW! Take that, Denny! LOL :rofl:
  41. I have this motor at a different machine shop and told the guy I wanted it out while he was machining. He kinda looked at me a little squirrely and said...no problem.
  42. As I scrolled down I was thinking....hey, where is the picture of the lifter valley?...then WHAM!.....you knew I'd be eyeballing that area.

    Outstanding , carry on.
  43. Ask him,..... he probably also installs the pink housewrap on his home remodel project with the words upside down.....it is all about the details.
  44. Offfft.......with pleasure, ..... I think.
  45. Lol. All in good fun. Going to have to hit pause on big moving parts until I clear out some finished drivetrains. I really can’t decide what I want to do with this car for drivetrain. We shall see. Have more motor cores....
  46. I always grin when I click one on of your threads.....thanks, I think
  47. It’s all good. If I sell what I am trying to sell I will have gotten my investments back and have a little room to finish the 72 Dart drivetrain. 74 is for sale for thousands less than I have in it. Right buyer just not there on it. Took it in the Xmas parade and people love the car. Not giving it away. Thinking HDK front on this car. Mini tub. Works. Just have to let some of the chips fall first
  48. Yeah. You got so many Resto threads going on. I get confused when I see one pop up. Nice work.
  49. Yeah....I’m a sucker for a stray dog! This is the one I picked up from JD Mopar. The 72 was on hold for a bit and is now moving fast. Engine bay should see paint on that one in the next week or so. I tried painting the letters in PLYMOUTH on grill header panel...yeah that was awful. Looked like one of my kids did it. Worked on hanging my treasures back up on the wall in my garage...I’m gonna be a mechanic yet.


  50. Throw up some pictures of it so we can love it too.
  51. Doug....if the Duster is still sitting where we left it, whatever you do... don't hit the grengo green low rider mobile when you move it. Mike might kill us both...lol. I had to bust on Denny a little after you pointed out the slag cleanup. If you have never met Denny in person, I hope you get to some day. Helluva good guy, and a blast to talk to. Inside of your garage looks a lot like mine with all the stuff on the wall. I have the same MCG tin sign that's on the top left in your pic. My wife tells people that was her before she got sick....lol.
  52. JD I’m gonna meet Denny some day...I think the lowrida is in Sweden..replaced by a truck. Lol Mike would still get pissed if we dumped a car into it. Details....my wife painted the redhead...to draw my attention away from the brunette.
  53. Which one....?

  54. Complete and running ones first but show us what you got.
  55. 1974 Swinger 360/904
    1972 Demon 496/727
    1972 Swinger 512/727 engine being built
    1972 Duster S6/904
    1973 Duster......who knows what I am going to stuff under the hood...





  56. Now that's what I'm talking about. By the way like the shop too.

    Which ones are for sale?
  57. Silver 74. 72 Duster when done
  58. Ok, built this motor for the car but it will likely end up under the hood of the 74. I just can’t seem to get that damn thing to run right so I pulled the motor for a complete rebuild. Tired of wasting money chasing issues. This is a nice 360 stock heads fitted with bigger valves, double valve springs, Lunati voodoo cam 10200703, all fresh machine work with .030 KB107 pistons, block and heads surfaced, RPM Air Gap Intake, milodon pan and pick up, double roller timing chain. Full balance to run with a 904. Std mains, std rod bearings. Should run well in the 74...had this one put together by professional shop in Carthage NC. Ted built the motor in the wife’s Camaro and I haven’t had any mechanical issues with that one.


  59. Well she is next up in short order...as the 72 winds down I am going to start on this one. I think I finally want to do a blue car. She hasn’t moved since JD Mopar dropped her off, but the cars to the left and right have changed about 10 times.

  60. And the ground has even dried up around it. Jeez, that was a frog strangler the day I dropped it off! :eek: B5 would look good.....kinda like the car on Classic Industries ads.
  61. Hmmmm. I was thinking maybe PB7.....Patriot Blue ?
  62. That would look great. With shiny wheels and all of the bright work polished, it would look awesome.
  63. Yeah I think those rims back on page 1 will look nice. Got a guy wanting to buy the car, but right now I am deciding to build it. May have to be slow, but it’ll get there.
  64. Patriot Blue

  65. Or....Indigo Blue

  66. Indigo Blue looks nice. :thumbsup:
  67. Yeah I rolled down to Mopars at the Rock or a few hours yesterday and saw a car wearing the paint. A deeper blue than PB7. Picked up a nice complete set of seats that are in better shape to redo than the ones for the car.

    Happy Easter!
  68. Yeah....I was there too until about 1 pm. I crossed the bridge from the pit side to over where the cars were, and when I got to the far end towards the cars.....I just stopped and laughed! 100 new Chargers and Challengers, and 25 or so old cars. The original owner 69 Charger 500 was my favorite. Did you buy those green seats? They looked to be in good shape.
  69. I did buy the green seats. Frames were still painted and no rust. They will get treated to upholstery. The ones I pulled from the black car were definitely going to take more work.
  70. PB7 is the color of my old Jeep, when I polish it up, it actually has a slight deep purple tint to it.
  71. Well I added this to the home shop effort. Need to go get a good compressor to get going. Need to swap out some time at home in lieu of being at the big shop of my buddy. Can get after smalls and some parts to push out for sale. Need to get after the grille for the 72 and touch up the 73 and put up for when I tear it down to get it going. Space opening up at the machine shop this next week to drop off a 360 and another 440.

  72. Have a chance to buy a pair of early 66 Valiant rollers...anyone have any words of wisdom on what you can stuff under the hood?.
  73. Not much done today except that I dropped a 360 off to the machine shop to power this car as it moves along. Need to clean up and sell some stuff for sure. Work beating my balls so my visions of loading everything up for a swap meet is like a pipe dream.
  74. Well it looks as though the shop got a influx of projects that have jacked mine to the back burner for a bit. Paint booth is backed up as well. So what do you do when there is no room at the inn? Why build motors of course. Dropping the order this weekend to build out the 360 with the same cam as I put in the 74 Swinger. Also dropped this 440 off at the machine shop to address a cylinder. This was a very low mile motor. No cylinder ridge, but had some light pitting in one cylinder that would not hone out so I will let them sort it out.

  76. I like the new cars...don’t get me wrong, but I don’t want to go to a show to see them. I can go to a dealer lot for that!
  77. Well did a shit ton of activities for mother’s day For my sweet wife. Headed to Va next week to do some small mouth bass fishing on the New River while she can still waddle about. Late birthday present to me to do. Had these rims blasted for the car. Not sure how to get the rims to fit under the ass end but at this point I really don’t give a shit. They were in the 73 Parts car I got. Blasted, cleaned, and sprayed with rust prevention until they get body color applied at some future state. I need to find two more centers. Will blast those and powder coat chrome. Chrome trim rings. Chrome grille and accents. Indigo blue paint. Small block power plant is at the machine shop. Need to drop a nut ton of money for parts on that and the 440 I dropped off.







  78. After

  79. Look in good
  80. Mini tub that sucker and narrow a C body 8 3/4 to fit! Your comment about your wife waddling is welcome news! I'm glad she and #7 (?) are doing well. I've wanted to ask, but didn't want to be nosey....lol. :)
  81. Give that girl a hug. Good luck and God bless.
  82. I did give her a hug! Couple of em. Made her breakfast in bed. Kids made her cards. I wrote her a poem. Cleaned the kitchen, did laundry, planted her garden....can’t beat her dedication to this household and her support of my Mopar addiction! Little boy is doing well.

  83. Had a couple hours to hit the shop today. Cleaned and blasted timing chain cover, some randomness, and spent the day with my littlest helper.


  84. It was so hot an humid today the thought of jerking all this shit out made me cringe.


  85. If you're really careful with the blue wire looms.....you might be able to use them back! :p :)
  86. I think I will find them on line and put them back. I think the were OE according to the fender tag. The same for the radiator hoses......
  87. Box of goodies for motor.....

  88. Ok questions.

    Essentially building the motor here again. Same cam. Intake.....performer Air Gap or offehauser dual quad?

    The latter requires s New hood so 4 inch cowl or six pack?
  89. I vote air gap with a twin snorkel scoop.
  90. Nope...no twin snorkel
  91. If no twin snorkel then I vote for a Six Pac.
  92. A 4" cowl scoop will probably hit the windshield when you raise the hood. A friend of mine put a 4" cowl scoop on his 70 Duster, and it hit the windshield when the hood was raised. He had to do a bunch of modifying to the scoop to get it to work. How about no scoop, with one of those air cleaners that has 2 big tubes going back and connecting to the cowl? It wouldn't be any fuglier than a big ol honkin scoop....lol.
  93. JD....I am having a hard time envisioning that....you got a picture for reference?
  94. I did some trading for this shaker hood scoop the other day. I was thinking about putting it on my 73 Duster or else my 76 Dart sport one or the other. This is a functioning shaker hood scoop it has a K&N air filter inside it.


  95. I guess with something like that I am looking at a single carb option alternative.
  96. Spectre Performance Air Cleaner Assemblies 98669

    Trying to do this on my i phone. (Where's a kid when you need one!) If it don't work, I'll redo it when I get home. Just run two 4" ducts back to the cowl corners, and you will get plenty of air thru the existing cowl vent right behind the hood.
  97. Ok, I’m tracking now. That removes the option for the dual quad tunnel ram intake from the table but would be a nice change to the regular open air cleaner on an Air Gap.
  98. So today I got a call from a guy looking to have me clean up his lot. I had talked to this guy a pile of times and picked up some parts cars in the past. He didn’t want to part with what he had and now he wants me to make an offer. 3 E Bodies. 1 Cuda and 2 Challengers and a wagon. All rough and need a lot of work. One titled. Tons of good parts. If I pop on them this will have to go.
  99. I need cuda and challenger parts, so keep me in mind.