[SOLD] 1974 Duster Big Block

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Aug 4, 2009
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It only has surface rust, the body is really solid.

Big block 383 engine, 727 slap-stick. Car run and drive but not finish yet. It have a lot parts in trunk.

Wrong seats, wrong passenger door.

The best thing I like about this Duster is it has big block engine code in the vin.

$2500 firm.

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You got a pic of the fender tag and vin tag? If this GENUINELY is a big block car, I wanna see it.
And I'm guessing that the fender tag has an "L" in the same position as the VIN ?
They NEVER made a big block Duster. And in 1974, you couldn't even get a big block in an E-body. Largest engine in the Duster or any other A-body or E-body in 74 was a 360. 360 was also the largest Cubic inch engine EVER in a Duster or any 70-76 A-body. So as cool as this car could be, NOT a factory big block car.

That is all besides the point that 1971 was the LAST year of the 383 anyway, in 72 and newer 400 took over as the B block
Whoever does your wiring is a true artist, LOL

Yes, I am being a smart ***

As has been said - that is the factory shifter, but it is not a slap stick. Only B and E bodies 1970 and up had slapsticks. Also, that is a big block, but it is not a factory installation. No A bodies after 1969 received big blocks.

Post up the first few digits of the VIN and we will decode it. Be aware that the letter for engine designations changed year to year. Make sure you use a 1974 decoder.
this car is in another thread and the vin really is a P but its a 360 car ........I almost want it now just because. It has to be a factory goof ....the vin has a P but the fender tag has an L

C can show you the thread if you don't believe it.....there is a picture of the vin tag and fender tag.

Fact can be stranger than fiction ...surprised me.
Please keep in mind that this is a 4-sale thread & I don't want to muddy up the water any more than it has been already...per the rules.

Factory mistakes have been documented in the past. I believe this is one of them...

P code on the VIN tag and L code on the fender tag
Agreed, had a 71 Barracuda with an I and not a G. But the owner of this car needs to be clear that it is a 360 car and NOT a factory big block car as he has stated!
I too would like to see a picture of VIN number,

And what kind of wood is that hood prop rod made of ?
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