1975 pick up 727 no third gear

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    Dec 27, 2017
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    hello everyone, yes its not an abody, but the problem shouldn't matter right lol I got this 75 dodge d100 a week ago, it sat for probably 10-15yrs idk.. but I picked it up and got it running really good, before I drove it, filled the transmission which was pretty much empty, topped that off, yes.. in neutral and engine warmed up, I adjusted the kickdown linkage to where it was supposed to be, but anywho, went for a test drive and I don't have 3rd gear, reverse 1st and 2nd work great, so I unhooked the kickdown linkage, went down the road and back still no third, so I made sure the governor wasn't stuck, it was working like it should, I do know that 3rd and reverse uses the front clutch so I know it wasn't fried since reverse works fine, but...I did end up taking the trans out just for the heck of it, wanted to see the inside, everything looked liked it was still brand-new, all the clutches and steels were in perfect condition, the inner lip seal and both piston seal were good, no tears cracks or debri , all the steel sealing rings were in good shape, the front pump strator rings were not broken, I did pressure test everything and everything was fine like it should be, so I was thinking maybe its the 2-3 shift valve in the valvebody, I opened it up and found that the plug was stuck, idk if that had anything to do with it, but I took it out and revmoved the valve and spring from the other side, looked over everthing, cleaned it , put it back together, moves freely now, the trans is still part and I want to do an air check through the governor body 50psi perhaps to makes sure the shift valves are working correctly before putting it all back together. just want to hear any ideas from from anyone on here of anything else to try, I should've done a line and governor pressure check before all this but I don't have a guage atm and will get one asap lol but anyways anything advice or ideas will be appreciated.
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