19th Annual Coronado Speed Festival Sept 17-18 2016

Mopar Events and Classic Car Shows

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    Just a heads up for what (IMO) is one of the greatest annual car events ever.

    The San Diego MOPAR Club helps run the car show which is not only large but very diverse. Everything from Resto Mod Chargers to vintage Porsche and Datsuns. The Naval Air Station is open to the public where they will have plenty of military expos and booths. The Air Field is converted to a race track where several classes of vintage and modern cars race for two days. The pits are open to the public and there is a large food truck and vending to eat at. Live bands. Gary Sinise (Lt. Dan, Criminal Minds) will be the Grand Marshall this year and his band will be playing.

    It is basically a car lover's nirvana. If you see this tall goofy dude wandering around with a cheesy perma-grin say "Hi!" (Speed Fest 2014)

    Coronado Speed Festival
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