200 inch pounds???


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Mar 17, 2008
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Maple Ridge
I was adjusting my rockers today, and I noticed that one of my rocker shaft bolts was loose. I could turn it by hand. I did not install these so I checked the other ones, and they to could be turned very easily with a wrench. I looked in my book and it says to tourque to 200 inch pounds. so I grabed my torque wrench and I noticed all I have is Foot pounds or M kps? I don't even know what that is.

I did a search on the internet for a conversion from inch pounds to foot pounds and I came up with this....

200 inch pounds = 16.66666666 foot pounds.

Is this write? I don't want to mess anything up.

its a 440 with adjustable crane rockers

and jus to be clear, I know you don't torque down the rockers...I am talking about the rocker shaft.

Help me please so I can get my valve covers back on, and see if it runs better.

The conversion is right Phil (200/12=16.666)... But what Fred said 25 ft/lbs is spec. And I don't believe that 8 ft/lbs of torque will deforme (flatten) the shafts if you are using the proper clamping hardware.
How many inches are in a foot? 12 right? So 1 foot pound of torque is 12 inch pounds. That's 12 pounds of weight at 1 inch away from the bolt or 1 pound at 12 inches away from the bolt (pivot point). 10 foot pounds is 120 inch pounds.

Torque is rotation force. If you put a wrench or ratchet on a bolt (say a crank bolt) and you hung a 25 pound weight at the end of a 12 inch wrench then you would have 25 foot pounds of torque applied to the crank bolt. Hang that same 25 pound weight at the end of a two foot wrench and you have 50 foot pounds of torque.

Most 1/2 drive torque wrenches are about two foot long. If you were torqueing a rocker shaft to 25 foot pounds with the two footer wrench then you would need to apply 12.5 pounds of pull on the handle.

Hope this helps.