[SOLD] 2015 DSOM Z51 corvette convertible

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    Jan 24, 2017
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    Original owner Special Ordered removed from consignment due to inactivity at location.
    This is my Personal ordered corvette not a dealership car. SPECIAL ORDERED
    2015 corvette convertible Z51, 7 speed manual, magnetic ride control
    Very rare color Daytona sunrise orange metallic .
    Kalahari Top and interior with suede inserts.
    19” up front 20” in the rear
    3.42 gears
    Paid over $87,000 when new has 13,650 original miles.
    Amazing car has video data recorder with valet
    Heads up display

    03E513FF-358F-4B25-B1BF-4C25063763C1.jpeg 5B83DB93-4C5C-4447-AAAF-CB29EEFF8F57.jpeg 3792B372-7968-4060-9D27-552CB874AA6C.jpeg 02AF90DA-253A-425D-9E3D-A58DB6F67902.jpeg 3B0543CA-EEC6-4C51-A413-FA6E3E826D2F.jpeg B4E7F969-D702-4A83-B244-43B8E3753BF6.jpeg 4750BC5A-788D-45DD-B8BC-242DB7B1396E.jpeg 87B4CF49-D46E-4928-9982-8EA0F4C2C327.jpeg C3055921-726A-4BDA-A1BB-688292BF67CD.jpeg 11D927F4-2B94-4BF1-B5C3-7800D230DB05.jpeg
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