302 heads and cracking

That Isky camHL hyd (not) us 50 year old chevy profie Two Strikes and expensive
we have much better springs available today
We used to sell a lot of Megacams as they will overrev without complaint
you can do a lot better than that long duration low lift profile
Wyrmrider, this was a recommendation by my machinest a GM guy because of the gearing and compression. What would you recommend. I have this one sitting on the shelf.

Screenshot_20200930-150152_Samsung Internet.jpg
i'll take a look when I get back from the DR
lunati is best choice for a shelf cam but which one
The [email protected] duration on that summit cam pencils out to need about 9.7 compression ratio, same as 264 @.006
problem is it has no lift or area under the curve
what did you figure your compression is now that you have your heads?
did you post your deck clerance etc?
if you do have around 9.7 true CR check out a 264 lunati or Howards
if not post back
you can get a fatter lobe down to 256 if your compression is lower like 9:1
If the question is for me, My CR pencils out to be around 9.6-1i have the heads, have not torn the block apart. Was wanting to find the cam to run with my CR ahead of time then shelve it until needed.