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Apr 19, 2010
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Lawrence, KS
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Up for sale is the 318 I pulled from my 67 Dart project. I just finished swapping in a 5.7 so the old 318 needs to go. It was running great when I had it in the car with no issues or leaks that I know of. It always fired right up and ran like a champ. The engine has a 4 bbl intake from a 69 340 (but no carb) and a factory Mopar electronic distributor and ignition box that can go with it. The casting number is hard to read, but looks like it might be either a 72 or 73 year block. It has all the pulleys and belts on the front as well and the alternator can go with it. I have a power steering pump on it as well, but may sell it with my power steering box as a package separately. If you are interested in the pump let me know and I can see about including it. The engine was in front of a 4 speed as and such has a pilot bushing installed and the flywheel, clutch, and pressure plate can go with it if you want. Asking $350 plus shipping from 66049. I have a truck and can possibly deliver somewhat locally for gas money.


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$200 plus shipping? I'd like to make some room in my shed for winter. Flywheel is no longer included as it has been spoken for by someone else. Sale is now just for the engine with front accessories.
KrazyKuda is looking for those pulleys & alt bracket set up & I wouldn't mind the valve covers. I'm not close enough for pick up other wise I would have it
I have one guy fairly local right now looking at the full package. If things fall through I may part out the front drive parts. I'll try to keep you up to date.
Still got this taking up space in the garage. Would really like to see someone get some use out of it. Someone want to make an offer? I'd rather not part it out just because I don't think I'd ever get rid of all of it if I sold it pieces at a time.
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