Absolutely! Slightly smaller 440, there were several performance versions, can be hopped up with the same 440 parts. Only serious drawback is piston selection. Hard to find, and (relatively) expensive. I will take every free 413 anyone would like to give me......
Bore it .0625, find some standard 426 wedge pistons, bingo 426!
YES! Great engines as long as it is from a car and not an industrial or motor home unit.

EDIT, what I’m meant was the car engine can go right in your hotrod project using the stock heads and water pump already on it. The industrial needs the top end changedt to fit under the hood. Yes industrials are good core pieces to build from
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Even if pistons are a bit pricey, still cheaper than buying a 440 core plus pistons or stroking a 360/340 to 408 plus cid.
Funny how Chev and Ford guys would jump all over building a 7L ish engine.

it is settled i will bring home a 65 new yorker and pull all parts, thanks everybody
A 65 727 is worth gold to guys with pushbutton cars. They are cable operated they have the slip joint tail shaft.
A few changes and the 62-64 Max Wedge/Hemi stock super/stock guys are all over 'um.
Getting harder to find.
You may even find a 2.94 or 3.23 8 3/4'' rear, possible sure grip.
nce you throw away the heaoYES! Great engines as long as it is from a car and not an industrial or motor home unit.
Nothing wrong with a 413 Industrial block of truck/Motorhome block
after you toss away the Heads/Intake/Waterpump.
In the 60s/70s I bored them always to 426 plus 030 and ran them in our
Stock and Superstock Max Wedge race cars. They still generally soniced
tested as well as a production 426 Max Wedge block and are amazing thick and
very rigid.
We had a cutter that fit in the bore and reproduced the valve reliefs
in the bore and drilled the oil passages to Max Wedge size, which you
do not need for most any other application.
On some of the 426 and 413 street block they were even the very same
casting number back then.
I sold all 6 of my industrial 413 blocks for $400 each.
I have a Standard 413 block that belongs to my machinist for $350 on this site
that he was saving for his Max Wedge. I have not unloaded it yet to see if it is industrial.
They ones that sonic tested really well I bored to as far as 4.32 (440 Standard)
without a problem ever.
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The industrial engines are good too. The block has extra ribbing on the outside. The heads, water pump, and exhaust manifolds wont work in a car, but the intake, distributor, block, crank are good to go. The transmissions from them are full of HD parts. All had steel cranks
I’ve heard for years that a 413 when rev’d sounds real mean.
I got a "free" Motorhome with a premium package 413 ( industrial top end ) gave it to a friend who was doing vintage stock car stuff.
he switched the top dress over to regular automotive and it is a sweet running big block . FWIW it weighrd in at a tick over 1k lbs with the industrial parts on it!
A 1962 max wedge has ruled NHRA A/SA for the last 10-12 years.

Meet Mr. Max Wedge!is

Everything my buddy Steve has every built
is a Rocketship!
I remember when he was a kid too young to drive,
he would walk around the pits and tell everyone how
he planned to kick our ***!
Like the old TV Show = It ain't braggin if you can do it.
His Dad "Don Wann" (His real name) was a good friend
and a very formidable Drag Racer (RIP).
This car was given Steve by his close friend John Shaul(Now in his 80's) who
ruled the strips for 30 years with his many Max Wedges (Including
winning the world finals with his Max Wedge beating Jimmy DeFrank
in a heads up final round).
The 62/63 Max Wedges had valve reliefs to unshrould
the large 208/188 Valves on one side. the 64 Max Wedges
had reliefs on both sides of the top of the bore.
You could use a Head Gasket as a template and a grinder
to put them in yourself and you would gain a bit of Air flow
if your bores are less than 4.32 and you are turning 6000 plus.
The early BB heads had small valves 1.94 and 1.60 with low flow numbers. 67 and up heads flowed 20-30 cfm better stock