/6, 904 trans, K frame, 9" brakes and A arms, spindles

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Mar 1, 2010
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Middletown, Maryland
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Making a complete change to V8 and disc brakes,

Will sale the whole engine or will part out after ten days, to make sure no one wants the whole thing

I will try and ship any parts you are willing to buy with a shpping charge.

Or you can pick up in Frederick, Maryland.

I have digital video of the engine running. I will try and email it if you want to see it.

9" brakes are small bolt pattern

Make offers

Thanks, Sam


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The for sale section has rules. Read the sumbitches.
The vehicle shows 72,000 miles - it has been storaged in my cousin's barn for the past 10+ years. My cousin purchased from a 70+ year old woman. I do not believe it is 172,000. Thanks for your interest.

I am taking offers on all the parts to inclcude the motor - what is it worth to you? It is still in the car, you can hear it run. Thanks again for your interest. Sam
All of these parts are in a running 68 dodge dart

Price for the engine - air filter to oil pan to include fuel pump, carburetor, intake manifold, exhaust manifold, water pump, and distributor - $175.00

Price for alternator and bracket -$30.00

Price for starter - $30.00

Price for radiator - $40.00

Price for /6 904 transmission, flex plate, torque convertor - $60.00

Price for /6 K frame - $40.00

No Prices includes shipping costs

If you want something and you have something to trade, Make Offers
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