63 Dart Speedometer Cable interchange


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Apr 20, 2019
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I am getting ready to diagnose a noise in my speedometer or cable and was looking at cables just in case I needed one. I noticed the approximately 60" cable for the Dart is not that easy to locate, and also a little pricey. While I was searching I stumbled across a cable for an early 60s ford that is also 60" long and looks the same. It is also significantly cheaper.

Has anyone ever compared a Ford cable to the early dart cable? If so, what were the differences? Where it goes into the transmission looks the same in the pictures (could be different diameter, but I am, at this point, just going by pictures) and the only difference I see initially is the hold down on the ford cable. It might still work but could easily be cut off if that was the only real difference.

The Dart cable I see (when I can find one) is around $150 but the Ford one is only $30 (found this price on multiple locations). I don't mind paying for a proper cable, just don't see the point if there's a much cheaper alternative that fits and functions the same. I don't have a Ford cable available local or I would just pick one up and check it out.

I have attached pictures. Please let me know if anyone has tried this or if I am missing something. Thanks

dart speedo cable.jpg

Ford cable.jpg

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Sep 24, 2006
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Here’s another alternative: get your cable rebuilt. Texas Electric has rebuilt 2 for me. They remove the OEM original metal cable and replace it with new, refurbish the fitting that goes into the transmission, replace the fitting that connects to the speedo and adds a new inner cable. Looks and works like the OEM