64 Valiant lower valance with turn signals. Grilles.

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Jul 4, 2009
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Cherry Valley. Ca.
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Anyone need a decent condition lower valance, with turn signals and two grilles for a '64 Valiant? I sold my car and these popped up in the shed.
One gille has the center emblem,the other just the grille, both in decent driver condition.
$100 for all?
Local pickup in Beaumont, Ca but I would box and ship at your cost.

Only 1 grille shown in pics, but I do have 2. Prefer not to separate, sold as a 'lot' of parts.



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Sorry i've not been on here since i sent message let me check what it will cost to ship tomorrow and i will get back with you then 5/22/12 thanks
Shipping costs are insane for these, I have been quoted $130 via USPS, and $160 by UPS and FedEx (to Florida). Local pick up is best. :eek:ops:
These remain available (6-9-12) , along with a trunk lid. Shipping costs are insane, so local pick up is best. If anyone in So-Cal needs this stuff let me know.
Kinda late to be asking, but as I'm about to pick up a Valiant tomorrow, I would be interested if they're still there.

BTW, I've heard a '64 grille will bolt right into a '65 face. Do you know if this is true? (I prefer the '64 look).
Check the bus line for shipping. They can usually do pretty good with this type of large, fairly light stuff.
How does that lower valance attach, bolts or weld? I might be able to pick up. PM me if.....
ive seen them both ways 2 bolts on each end or seen 3 spot welds either way 2 tiny drill holes does the trick then it has the hood mount deal attached
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