'65 A904 park lock cable housing


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Sep 23, 2009
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I had a '65 cable shifted V8 A904 rebuilt for my '65 Barracuda, but it was missing the park lock cable housing. So I was planning on using the one from the '65 cable shifted slant 6 A904 that was in the car. I had no issues getting the cable out per instructions from the FSM, but housing/ cover won't come out.


I removed the 5 bolts on the housing, but it's still stuck on there. I've tapped it with a hammer, but I just don't want to break anything.Could it just be caked on to the transmission, because it hasn't been removed in decades? I have daily driven the car for 13 years and the transmission wasn't in great shape when I bought the car, so I'd say it hasn't been touched in 20 years at least. Any ideas?
Well, it just took quite a bit of prying, but it eventually came off. Then I spent way too much time cleaning this thing, but it was just too gross.


Those can be a PIA to get the spring/park lever attached too! 65'
Ok, so I got the housing and spring etc installed. Ran into the next issue: the V8 transmission didn't come with a dipstick, the slant 6 dipstick is too long for the V8 tube and the slant 6 tube doesn't fit with the exhaust manifold. I ordered a small block dipstick off ebay, but it arrived and is the same length as the slant one. I could move the plug down on the slant dipstick and somehow reattach it at the right spot. I could also bend the slant tube away from the exhaust manifold. There are also some more on ebay, but they are 60 bucks and who knows if they will fit. Anyone have a spare that they'll sell me?
If the slant dipstick is too long, just cut it off at the bottom of the tube. Then measure up to the oring and mark the stick there as the full mark.
Going to grab onto this thread if you don't mind..

Had a malfunction with the Park lock spring that was out of the slot and wandering around.

Pulled the housing (locking spring just fell out)
Got it tightened up and back where it needs to be.

Problem now is putting it back together... I'm not sure where the end of the tension spring pigtail supposed to rest. Does it just sit inside and apply tension or.does it hook around something?

Hopefully these.pictures help explain

1964 Valiant
Pushbutton A904

YES....I know the spring is jacked up... :thumbsup:





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OK...to.close out

Proper spring placement and cable adjustment solved the issue of being stuck in Park. I was able to roll the car forward and backward in neutral.

I still have a "No Drive in any direction" issue. That's for tomorrow and the Shift Cable adjustment before getting inside and working through the Low Band adjustment and valve body checks