[SOLD] 65 Barracuda 273 v8 exhaust manifolds

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    Near Ann Arbor, MI
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    12:06 PM
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    4A96B85E-EF18-4167-B91D-B19D65335E00.jpeg EC51A53C-1059-420C-A4EB-B6A735F60B9F.jpeg 3DF2B244-1294-4663-9A0F-40E41FDBA79F.jpeg BD7D549B-F908-4D4F-9CDB-ED543AB8C04A.jpeg 273 v8 exhaust manifolds
    Near Ann Arbor, MI
    Buyer must pick up or pay for shipping

    $80 Obo, if shipping is required, buyer needs to make arrangements and pay for shipping
    Cash or PayPal payments only
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