65 Dart Instrument Cluster.....back side Condenser

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    Oct 27, 2018
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    Members. I posted yesterday regarding my 65 Dart gas gauge showing 3/4 full and my temp gauge pegging all the way. Turns out that the OEM voltage limiter is the problem, and a Thank You to the members who helped me solve this. I have another question....On the back side of the instrument panel frame, there is a condenser. What is this for, and will it be needed as I am installing an IVR4 solid state instrument cluster voltage limiter purchased from Real Time Engineering. Is this condenser related to the radio? I did upgrade the radio through Tayman Electrical out of Florida. Thanks again for the help on my 65 Dart GT Charger Clone. Much appreciated. sgrip65

    65 Dart Inst Cluster Ckt Board and Condenser 001.JPG

    65 Dart Inst Cluster Ckt Board and Condenser 002.JPG
  2. bcschief

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    It is for radio noise and is not needed with the IVR4 you are using. But you can leave it if you like.

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