65 valaint. No spark no clue?

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    Aug 5, 2018
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    I just got a 65 valiant a few weeks ago that was running. 225 slant 6 leaked quite a bit of oil so i pulled it to re-gasket everything on it. after putting it back in the car along with a new ignition switch, ballast resister, coil, distributor(with new cap and rotor), plugs, and wires it's not getting any spark. I've already checked all the wires and everything is getting voltage as it should and the car cranks just fine and fuel pump puts gas in the carb. just no spark. I'm not much of a mopar guy but wanted to change things up and got one so I'm not sure if everything is wired up correctly but i wired everything based off of this diagram i found online. The reason i didn't wire everything back up to stock is because an old timer gearhead said it would be better off if made simpler. also with how chopped and just not good looking the old harness was i decided running all new wires through a new setup wouldn't be a bad idea. what i assume was the stock wiring had a 4 prong ballast resister while the new setup is just a 2 prong. not sure if that makes a difference but that's about the only major change to the system.

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