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66MoparMama finally found the welcome wagon!

  1. Hi friends, looks like I finally found the welcome wagon. I’m sort of new here, yet I have lots of friends on the site. I love my 66 Valiant. I bought it a few years ago at Mopars in the Park. After a bumpy ride through the grass between the show cars we decided to trailer it home and let me practice on our own quiet country roads. It took me a whole summer to learn how to drive it, and it is the first “old car” I’ve owned. Every day I learn something new about cars and maybe now I have a little bit of Mopar in my bloodstream because I keep wanting to learn more. Thanks for letting me be a part of the site.


  2. :welcome: aboard!
  3. Looking Good , Mrs. 66340Sedan
  4. She's a Beauty!
  5. Welcome to the better half! Nice wheels!
  6. Welcome from :canada:
  7. Nice ride Kim glad to have you here.
  8. Ditto!

    :welcome: aboard!
  9. Nice 66....hey I know you :D
  10. Welcome Kim, I’m glad you decided to join us. Is it bad to say I like your car better than Keith’s? :)
  11. I used to have a friend named Geoff....

    J/k!!! It’s all good, sometimes I like her car better too lol

    here it is now....working on getting some upgrades, 318 4-speed, 8 3/4 3:23 rear, disc brakes and BBP all the way around, should make a fun cruiser!




  12. Welcome aboard! Tell us your plans for your Valiant
  13. Keith beat me to it
  14. you know I posted that because you posted like one minute before me! Just had to pull your chain, bud!
  15. Maybe we met at a car show or somewhere. Do you have a cool car like mine?
  16. :rofl:
  17. Like your car. Look forward to seeing your post.
  18. Welcome to FABO.... Welcome to FABO.gif
  19. Welcome aboard!
  20. Welcome!!! Nice car, give us more pics when you have time.
  21. Welcome from Texas
  22. How do i creat a new post or thread pmease and thank you
  23. 20210804_071227.jpg
  24. More Valiants....