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67-69 Plymouth Valiant Picture thread****

  1. I dont recall seeing this done before. Ill start. :)



    Basic specs:
    360 cid
    904 w Transgo Shift kit
    8-3/4 rear (small bolt pattern)
    Console shift conversion (done with custom steering column bell)
    Electronic ignition swap (factory style)

    Nothin' special really, just fun to drive!
  2. Sweet Valiant
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Mine.
  5. My `67 and buddy Dave's `69
  6. Me likey. Cool car.

  7. Thanks guys! This should be pretty sick!

    Awesome rides already!
  8. I just got this one.Will get started on it in a few weeks.Mechanicals first,interior, then off to the body shop. This will be a long term project.
  9. Me too, I tried to get him to give it to me.

    He didn't fall for it. :D
  10. I really like the 2 door post cars. Not sure why, I've always been partial to 2 and 4 door hardtops.

    Gorgeous cars!
  11. Here is my 69.
  12. Darter6: Whats the deal with those seats? That print looks kinda cool! Have any pics of that material a little closer though?

    Hopefully we can get a good thread running here. Love to see these cars.
  13. That is dealer installed clear plastic seat covers from 1968. They even covered the front door panels and sun visors. Common in the 60's. I bought a 63 Valiant a few years back and the seat covers were still on that one too.
  14. Here is my baby. All original 68 /6 car with a 3 on the tree. Recent upgrades include 14"14x5.5" wheels with 205/60-14. Just got done building a replacement 170 for it. It has a .40 over with an COG cam 225 duration @50 440 lift with a 108 lsa head was also shaved 56 thou to bump up cr to about 9.5. Running a holley 390 with a clifford manifold[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] And here she is with the 14"s last year painted viper blue.[​IMG]
  15. Saaaaweeeeeet!
  16. I see this died already.Guess not many 67-69 Valiant owners out there.
  17. Here's mine 67 273 Commando that I do not think I am get to.But is a very cool car.
  18. Not the best pictures of my 68 signet 383/489 stroker. 4.10 gear, caltracs, 727 reverse manual VB.
  19. bump for this thread, i think it's kewl.........i was wondering though, all these cars appear to be sedans, did they make a hard top in those years? anyways, great cars in here....
  20. Bought this 67 from a junk yard a few weeks ago for $250. It was a slant 6, auto car but there's no engine or trans. It'll get stuck in the shop for a few years till I get parts and money to build it. What I'd really wanna do is buy a wrecked '11+ charger with a v6 and 8 speed auto and swap the engine and trans into the valiant. 300hp would move it right along and if that combo can get 31 mpg highway in a charger I wouldn't be surprised to see 35+ in the lighter valiant!!

    View attachment image.jpg
  21. Dang that's a great idea! I have the 3.6 in my Jeep, it seems like a solid engine and I bet in a Val it would really motivate it.
  22. This is Johnny H's car, the editor of Mopar Muscle.


  23. Ive tried to follow this cars build. Sounds like its pretty nasty with an aluminum B-block ? Wonder if they have any quarter mile slips from it yet?
  24. 68
  25. Bueller?? Anyone ?? Hello ???
  26. 69 valiant driver...
  27. Needs to be bumped :')
    My 67

  28. Well I'll be,,, Could be your younger Brother ^^^^

  29. Uhh, nice one! Right, that could be the Brother!:thumbsup:
  30. 4 doors are the best!!

  31. Yeah, I have no problem with 4 door Mopars.
  32. Hey. Y'all need to stop posting pics of these nice 4 door valiants! Next y'all are gonna make me wanna fix my 67 valiant 4 door instead of robbing the front clip to put on a Duster!
  33. 4AA3DDA4-CCAF-40D5-ABCD-F6E9AAB810FA.jpeg Back to 2
  34. I bought this Sunfire Yellow 68 Valiant Signet this summer. The owner I bought it off owned it for 20 years, when he go it, the 273 2bbl only had 30,000 miles. He drove it two thousand miles before add 380hp create engine, built 727 with 2800 stall, tti headers with X pipe. He also added 8 3/4 But for some reason installed 2.96 gears. Now has only 37,000 miles so 5,000 on the engine.

    Body is solid original California car needs paint and some interior work. But having an solid body and good drive line puts me miles ahead compared to the 65 cuda I wanted to fix (sold).

    Gonna paint it this winter and hopefully have the interior done. It's going sublime green with a black hood. Know it's a little over used but always wanted one since I was 10 lol.

    Got most of the parts to add big rotors, sway bars, hd torsion bars etc.. bought the Holley sniper efi and tank. The last guy butcher the wiring so bought a kit for that plus battery relocation kit. Want also swap to a slightly milder cam and airgap and maybe up the gears to 3.23-3.55 if it's still lacking after that.

    Plus got an old school fosgate stereo system.

    Plan buying this kit soon.

    Here's some pics of the day I bought it.
    It was supposed to be a temporary car until I finished the cuda but that idea changed quick. Can't wait for spring already.

    20170804_162001_018.jpg 20170420_193329.jpg 20170420_193301.jpg 20170420_193317.jpg
  35. How about one they never made...

  36. Well damn. Now I might have to do that!! Lol
  37. Took her to work today. Was too nice out not to get some pics..



  38. If I keep mine I want to change it over to the 69 hood/grille combo. Also change color to B2 blue.Man Joe that is nice.^^^^^
  39. Keep the 68 hood and cut the dip off it....