[WANTED] 67-9 Dart Speedometer

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Apr 19, 2010
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Lawrence, KS
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I'm looking for a somewhat junk speedo gauge to do some experimenting with. A recent trans swap has left me without a mechanical drive cable, so I wanted to mess with some ideas to make my own electronic to manual conversion kit and didn't want to butcher my nice speedometer. I have the standard gauge set, not sure what all years fit. Don't need it to look pretty or for any other gauges to work since I plan to take it apart anyway.
I have one also so put me on the list. Not sure if this is the type that you need.

Edison, NJ


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I have one from a 67 that looks about like the one pictured but from a 67. PM me if your interested.
Wow, that was way more responses than I was expecting. And quick too! Should have one on the way now. Thanks for all the offers! If I end up needing another I'll be sure to check in with you all.
Yeah, that's one way, but there are kits to power the original speedometers with a motor taking the signal from the speed/distance sensor...
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