67 Dart K Frame

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Apr 19, 2010
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Lawrence, KS
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Up for sale is the K frame from my 67 Dart project. I swapped in a later model spool type frame, so this one can go. This frame has been modified by the previous owner. The original biscuit mounts were cut off and spool mounts welded on, so this frame would be a good candidate for more modification like a big block setup. Think of it as a bare frame that you can put whatever mounts you want on, lol. Aside from the mounts, the rest of the frame seems to be in good shape with no cracks that I can see. Asking $25 plus shipping from 66049 or can deliver somewhat locally for gas money.


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Still taking up space, anyone want to make an offer? Good solid K frame for someone who wants to modify one!
You might get $25 just scrapping it. Not being a smart guy, but it might save you the hassle of shipping it. Most guys aren't looking for the '67s because of the 1 year idler arm thing so it may take a while to sell. Metal prices are pretty good around my way right now. Just sayin'...
Yeah, it's crossed my mind several times. I just hate throwing out good Mopar stuff since I'm sure the day I get rid of it someone will ask about it, lol.
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